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Discussion in 'Closed Factions' started by KingIke75, May 1, 2017.

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  1. SunGod

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    Aug 20, 2016
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    Hey yo guys its me the Sungod (Bad English boi)
    Im here to give you all a bit of an update for whats going on surrounding Rebirth

    Number one: Our LineUP

    Are lineup has lost about one member and has one member that is missing
    Alex 303
    Missing: Hyozen (nigga training in the mountains )

    Our New Line up is
    Sungod (Leader)
    Kingike75 (Co Leader)
    Blez (Fighter)
    Rick (Fighter) (New bois)
    Maniac (Fighter) (new bois)

    We got some new bois
    Rick AKA infinity
    Recent Work Done by him

    MBR Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/dylananimations-mbr-profile.33738/#post-333228

    Maniac AKA Maniac Mizuto
    Recent Work Done by him

    MBR Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/mizutomaniacs-mbr-profile.33146/

    (I'd prefer to do Maple MBRs only.)

    :bell: Welcome these bois to the Rebirth Family :bell:

    Number two:


    Okay so this year Will be the YEAR OF REBIRTH i hope

    The list of collabs is what are team is planning to do.

    A Super Smash Bros Collab
    Due DEC ' 7 '18


    A Fortnite Collab
    Due Jan ' 1 ' 19

    Super Smash Bros Collab: A collab involving Super smash bros themes (Ex. Having your maple character fight in the style of super smash brothers, Animating A super smash bros character doing some dumb shit, Animating your maple oc Fighting your super smash bros main) Parts range from Comedy-Fighting.

    Fortnite Collab: Well if god doesn't hate us now he will hate us after this. The Fortnite collab is a collab about....fucking fortnite.. that's about it. (EX: having a maple styled 100 battle royale, animate your character doing the fortnite dances.)

    Number Three: Faction Wars



    Well thats it

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