[Redux] Captain America VS Zero

Discussion in 'Animations' started by Drew, Apr 27, 2017.

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    Wherever the wind takes me.

    So, this was supposed to be posted on the Redux channel, and part of the series we intended to make for it called Redux Riot. Sadly, YouTube isn't the most competent platform, and the Add Boycott caused the channel to tank, along with AnimationRewind (in some way). This was done 3 weeks ago, and I was giving permission to upload this just now.

    CnC is always welcome!

    I swear, making shadows in AE is my worst nightmare
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    Looking good! Loving the improvements lately and the improvement in using AE sand Flash. The combat flows well and you had some interesting choreography. I only have but three qualms. Two really irks me and one didn't make sense.
    The one that doesn't make sense is how he just walked away from the shield he threw at the end.
    The two that irked me are the maple mouths (just sprite your own) and that the fall speed is through the fucking roof. Like they fall 0-100 real quick no matter the height or situation.

    Edit: after rewatching it. The maple mouths don't look too bad but it's still better to sprite your own.
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    oooooooooooooooooooooo shit! Exciting ending :D!
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    *finishes breathing from paper bag, while gasping for air* That was really good, oh my gosh :weary: :ok_hand:

    Really liked the fight choreography, wasn't like all punch-punch-punch-kick-punch-hadouken-punch-tch kinda thing. Felt, like, a little more realistic~

    Aside from what Kayas said about the shield at the end, the only other thing that sorta bothered me was the eyes appearing from the cloud of dust. I could baaaaaarely see the first time it happened with Zero. I think it would help if you added like a lens flare/glow, sorta like what you did with the second time his eyes and sword showed behind the cloud of dust.

    BUT YEAH OVERALL I REALLY LOVE IT, I'VE WATCHED IT LIKE 15 TIMES NOW. Props to you for working hard on the shadows, mang. I've heard it's hard as heck D: *high fives*
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    That was pretty amazing dude
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