Reverallium - Official Trailer

Discussion in 'Videos' started by CCshinobi, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Dropped this trailer a few weeks ago actually, but I was a bit busy and hesitant to publish it for festival sharing policy reasons. You didn't see this from anyone shhh

    Reverallium is about a college drug addict who struggles to put his life back together, but can't decipher between reality and his dreams.

    I worked on the film as editor a few months back. Ever since, I've been on a roll with other job and position offers from internships or other student projects, to a point where I'm turning down offers :D (except this month I rejected everyone cuz 1) they weren't paying, 2) need to focus on my own creative work, and 3) Smash Wall Collab 2018)

    Enjoy! :)