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    Name: Zeller / Ryonari
    Gold | 140
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    So I'll leave out the sprites below the video since that's not under our jurisdiction - this was interesting to rank since it's not a fight animation but the basic fundamentals still apply. You got a good understanding of them and your ventures into advanced techniques (rigging, spriting, perspectives in the karaoke and dance room and a unique style) was well done. That alone would place you in Platinum. Where you fell short was a few of the fundamentals. The camera work was a little static or stagnant at the beginning, with not much going on in character animation either so it didn't offer too much, your poses during the dance sequences were great, but they started to feel a little sluggish as they were played on 3s instead of 2s and 1s. My Yakuza 0 bias will be showing but the choreography of the dance and the perspectives were great in it. With all this in mind, we decided to give you the rank of: Gold | 140! Good luck on the grind and just brush up on your fundamentals a little.