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ScarfKanye's MBR Profile

Discussion in 'Animator Profiles' started by [神] ScarfKanye, Jul 7, 2017.

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    /-ScarfKanye's MBR Profile-\

    [​IMG] Kai Nakamichi [​IMG]
    Somewhere in Kyoto Japan, lived a boy named Kai Nakamichi, who was someone who lived mostly a normal life as a middle school student who's going to graduate to high school born and raised in Kyoto. One day after leaving for the final day of school on his way home, he found a glow of a certain object. After showing some interest in it he decided to follow it, ultimately leading him to turn a corner to come across a figure in a black cloak aiming a gun at his head with a certain design of wings, halos, and angels. After being shot with the glowing gun, his vision went blurry to blank and after 8 hours he woke up in the mist of night in a hospital bed. Waking up looking at the moonlight that shined on his bed, he stood up walking towards the window, continuing to open the window up, he looked up at the moon. Slowly the moon began to slowly grow in size and glow brighter as well. Before the moon came into contact, with the building he opened his eyes from the fright of the moon coming to destroy the place. He seemed to find himself in a corridor. Walking down the corridor out of curiosity he found a golden double door, it was at least 20 meters tall. The Doors opened and a gust of wind started to overflow from the doors and as the wind started to clear, there comes a man with white hair and silver eyes. He gave out his hand to Kai, with a rainbow-colored orb in-hand, Kai grabbed it. And after grabbing it, he a white glow started to appear from it and overcome his vision and after blinking he had awoken back at the hospital in the morning. When he fixed himself up on the bed, he looked at his wrist on his right arm and there appears to be a black wristband. Kai removed the band and it showed markings of a halo in a rainbow color. After, an hour or 2 he was discharged from the hospital. Returning home not knowing that the halo was for. And after laying down and going to sleep he had a dream. Kai woke up in the same corridor, he walked down to the double doors. But this time they were open, he didn't see the man in white hair this time, but instead, there was a script that floated towards him. He grabbed the paper and it read with this: "Kai Nakamichi, a fateful chance has brought this upon you. I've chosen you to wear my marksman and have the powers to be my champion. You are no longer normal now, you will now face the world of which divides this land by Heaven and Hell. You are now a Demigod." And after that Kai was pushed back the corridor and awoken in his bed. Now with this known knowledge, he has the power of knowing that others are out there with powers. Now, Kai will assemble a ragtag group of pals to fend off the great evils that cross these lands. (Sounds anime as hell don't worry about it)

    Uses a Scythe And Twin Daggers.
    Sprites will be coming soon.

    Personal Data
    Age 15 l Male l Human to Demigod l 5'11" l 169 pounds(76.6571 kilograms)

    Superhuman Strength, Defense, Speed, Agility. Can emit and use pure energy into blast or turn it into a weapon or shield. Later on his journey, he learns out to convert the pure energy into the five elements(Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Plasma), but can only use 1 at a time. But mostly relies on his hand to hand combat skills. He has learned Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Aikido. He can also increase his abilities and powers by an emotional charge, so if things seem like it's going downhill, his halo(wristband) will start to glow and increase his power. His eyes almost turning red.

    If the opponent doesn't know Kai, or how he fights he will always try and fight normally with his many forms of martial arts. and take down the opponent quickly that way and not let the fight drag out or they might pull a dragon ball power up.
    Kai also has a similar feature that came from a certain anime character, He has quick battle intuition and thinking strategy. He'll use this to his advantage to try and overcome his opponent with this.

    Since he relies on his martial arts, he'll rarely use his actual powers and that can be a downfall. If his opponent has a high increase in speed than Kai, they can overcome him and that goes with any other aspect. Kai has a hard time fighting against those with ranged weapons so he'll most likely get hit or run away not gonna lie. Sword users can be a challenge for him since he has to think of a strategy for fighting against them, the opponent might have a small window to go and attack depending on how close they are to Kai.

    Power - 2/5 D
    Speed - 3/5 C
    Technique - 4/5 B
    Intelligence - 4/5 B

    Cooperativeness - 5/5 A

    Points: 1



    VS SunGod (Win by default)
    VS Seth (Lose)

    Wolferian I Untitled Omega

    Small Animation Demo(s)

    Drawn Animation 1[FastSWF]
    Collab Part 1[FastSWF]


    Character Demo
    Working on That

    You'll probably get it during an MBR or if you're a close friend.

    O P E N

    Preferred FPS
    25 - 30
    (Will go to 60 but it'll take a while)

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    Ummm.... What was the fps for your animations? if it's less than 20 I think you need to upgrade that but beside that you have a good character so good luck on your battles dude.
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    I challenge you.

    Theme: Plot. Have atleast some story going on in the animation, asides something extremelly simple like ''This dude spilled your drink and now you must fight him to death to assert your vengeance'' or something.

    Time limit: 45 Seconds minimum, no maximum.

    Deadline: September 7th.

    Do you accept?
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  7. [神] ScarfKanye

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    I Accept
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