[Script 16+] Furries: The Animal Fuckers

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    So I've been in the community for a while, and i've seen everything, also I've seen a shit ton of video explaining,
    but seriously people need to get things straight and explain this thing, and why not using a bit of humor doing it
    btw this is a script might be altered but there's many topics to be addressed in details explaining. Therefore it's fucking huge.

    Tips please i do enjoy advises a lot, just do go, "oh it's too big", I mean thanks fucking a lot for the obvious, I mean I enjoy advice, but give me solutions don't just point what is wrong.

    Anyways enjoy the reading, it's a real TL;DR.

    Furries: The Animal Fuckers

    Warning: The following video contains, swearing, dirty jokes and a shit load of sarcasm.

    If you have trouble in understanding and tolerates jokes than you probably shouldn't watch
    this video.

    Basically don't take everything too serious.


    Nani: Hey folks, my name is Nani or you can called me Hachiro, in two weeks I'm in my mid 20's
    and i'm a furry.

    Suit Troll: Ew, does that mean you fuck animals

    Nani: *very serious and slowly nodding* yes, I do enjoy having intercourse with my pets
    *Note: For Gullible people: SARCASM(in rainbow flashy colors)*


    Anyway the term furry has grown a whole lot in the last years, basically we furries are
    ani*cuts video* - Basically a Furry is *forces word* A. HUMAN. - that has an attraction
    (not necessarily sexual) towards Anthropomorphic animals.

    Before any says something here, it's a fetish, get honest, being a furry is a fetish, NOTE,
    that it doesn't mean it's fucking sexual, we DON'T FUCK ANIMALS. (YOU DENSE DENSE MOTHERFUCKER)
    Anthropomorphic animals are humans with a animal aspects, before you go "Ew wtf" you spend
    you're childhood watching a lot of this so don't get apeshit.

    Example Digimon, LooneyToons, Several fairy tails, sonic, Star Fox and so on and so on


    Anyway, before any furries and people go apeshit for me make "animal fuckers joke", it's
    normal for society to think like this, why is that?

    *rainbow gestures with a smile edited in it* PORN

    Oh, boy there's a shit ton of furry porn out there, so people see two human lookalike
    wolf fucking you really can't think of anything but that *points a Animal fucker sign*


    Suit troll: Ew, so you guys do enjoy watching animals fuck!

    Nani: *seriously nods* Yep, man I love to fap when animals have intercourse.
    (Note again)



    Nani: Ok let's get this straight (hehe straight), y'all going to try something ,
    might be hard but it's really useful, it's called THINKING *point to the head*
    Let's see furries have a fetish to this types of animals, now don't fucking tell
    me you never watch porn! I know there's some ppl that never watch, but majority at
    least with curiosity watch any type of porn, other people do enjoy to watch, why is that?
    hmm, let me think, ooooh that's right, people do get aroused and horny at some point
    and porn can be incredible irresistible and addicting, so what does happens when you add
    a furry fetish with porn? FURRY PORN *YAY SOUNDS AND CLAPS* give yourselves a pat on the
    back you deserve it.


    Suit Troll: that's still really gross.

    Nani: you spend whole part of your day spiting ignorant idiocies, but hey if you want
    see something really gross should should see what your biological mom conceived,
    or just google Dead poro, either way it's balanced.
    (note: don't google it, it will show you necrophilia porn.)


    Nani: Anyway what I'm trying to say is, if any of that bothers you, answers this questions
    Does it hurt you? (And don't you fucking bring the it gives me trauma and shit, your
    fault you dumb fuck, 'cause you probably search for it or let yourself click on a link to it)
    Does it hurt the people that make it? (furry porn) No, it doesn't.
    Do you have the right to tell them what to do? No, this is 2014, we don't chase people
    with torches to burn them anymore.

    If so why the hell do you care? But hey i don't judge you, 'cause we are humans,
    what does that mean? it means that humans tend to judge people or things they don't quite understand
    it's a defense mechanism, a dumb one but hey, we learn, so the more people understand the more
    tolerable people become.



    From all furries I've met, I notice that part of being a furry is this deep love
    (troll:Oh so you do like to fuck- not sexual, YOU DENSE DENSE MOTHERFUCKER!) towards animals
    I myself fight for animal rights, I have deep affection towards my pets they are my family.
    When my dog died, I mourn her death fro about a year, she was my best friend and
    I had her for like 10 years, it was like part of me died. Anyway to say that the community
    has an immense affection towards animals, not saying that only furries are like that, ofcourse not
    and thank goodness it isn't like that, all people should love their pets and animals.



    Ok, I don't really get it why there's so much fucking gay porn in the community, people say that
    there's a shit ton of gay and bi furries, I really don't know or understand, 'cause I've seen a lot
    of people that define themselves as straight furries too. it's a mystery to be solved one say.
    There are theories but some of them don't make much sense yet.
    But hey, to be honest, the most porn I see in the community is herm porn, so yeah.
    *makes rainbow gestures *variety of sexual fetish intercourse*



    Troll suit: haha! I knew it! you disgusting furries have sex in your suits!!!

    Nani: Oh, of course! Everyone enjoys having some lube, genital and ass fluids in their 2000$ suits
    (What he said btw isn't completely untrue but I'll get it in a gee-pee)


    Ok folks, you've probably seen in cons, in groups, or even randomly in the streets. Some people
    wearing tails, others like a mascot suit (Btw I don't think it's close to be a mascot suit but hey
    to the people that don't understand it gives an idea), people wearing a fursuit, or partial fursuits
    This shit costs a whole load of money, I need to sell my car to get one of those suits brah, dayum.
    Fursuits are people that take anthropomorphic to a whole other level, look-a-likes their 'sona,
    (fursona, is how they see themselves as an anthropomorphic animal),
    and some people spend thousand to make them, also some of those suit take up to months,
    now use your brain again, *talks really slow and teaching* I spend a lot of money in this suit
    The fact that it's already so fucking hot wearing it, 'CAUSE ITS MADE OF FUR, I'm sweating,
    and after a while I need to take it off or i will die of heat, i definitely want to have sex using
    it, also it's fur so getting some nasty body fluids in it making it all sticky is a great idea,
    it cleans but seriously, have you got semen in hair...THAT SHIT DOESN'T COME OFF! Imagine in
    a suit with fur, not only it can damage it, it will take a lot of time to remove.

    So yeah fursuiters don't have sex hey you see their suits doesn't even have an opening,
    even to go to the bathroom is an issue. Also if you ever meet a fursuiter, you'll probably
    meet one of the most kind and lovable people ever, some people have difficulties expressing themselves
    and so using a suit helps them break any social problems they have.

    Also one thing you need to know about furries. HUGS, they fucking hug ALL .THE.FUCKING. TIME!
    YOU'LL GET HUGGED AND LOVED, SO YEAH i'm sorry man i can'0t help you in that,
    you need to accept the love :shrugs:


    Last thing and probably the most important.


    Yes! i fucking said it and I will try and explain, sorry for my lack of knowledge but this is
    a subject that is like taboo to the community.
    Murrsuits are *makes it a gesture for guessing*
    Troll Suit: *bored then gets it* Wait. You. So, they have sex in suits? is that it?

    Nani: yeap *nods now being serious*

    Nani: but wait no no no, let'«s not start the hate. First off, this is towards the community,
    before any of you start throwing hate to people that dress as murrsuits, think a bit
    fucking furries, have a whole bunch of hate from society ok, now even the society showing
    hate to other furries, cmon man that's just wrong

    Dense Furry Hating: But, they are the reason people go "you fuck in your suits"

    Nani: I mean really, you have like 14 million submissions of art,
    probably like half of those are fucking porn,
    and half of that half is gay porn, there's another shit ton of sites that spread more furry porn,
    there's shit ton of humorous sites that make fun of furry, 'cause humor has no boundaries,
    and you're here throwing hate towards people that have a fetish like that, I mean seriously
    If I bothers you than go from the same place you came, let's think a bit, murrsuits are not that
    different from art, they are just bringing their fetish into their reality.

    if they're messing their suits and stuff, sorry i really never interviewed a murrsuit,
    it's still their deal, it bothers you then so fucking what? It bothers everytime i look at my wallet
    and I'm not throwing hate at it, heck sometimes i cry when I open my wallet, then i wonder why the
    fuck there are onions inside of it.

    == Ends.
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    I cringed just reading the title.
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    Good, that means the title is perfect, now fucking read it.

    Heads up, I'll fix some grammar issues and repetitions.

    ALso i'll probably turn some sentences simpler, all this will probably be done when i star reading out loud tomorrow before recording.

    IMO the script is getting there.
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    I don't care what people do with their penises and vaginas and every kind of fetish is weird, wrong or fucked up to me, except the natural heterosexual way of inserting a penis in a made for it vagina.
    But... Like... What the heck is this.
    1. It is not informative. I want to know things like how many and how much furries have sex with their pets, not if they have sex in suits with each other, that's pretty normal and expectable. I wonder about furry orgies and if people feel more attracted to the animal or the person inside the suit. I wonder if having a pet join the fun makes the thing more exciting or not. I wonder if your biggest dreams is to invent a perfume scent that attracts any animal of your choice to rape you. I wonder about the reaction of your pets after you do them, do they love you more or start to fear you? I wonder if you memorize all the weird animal penis shapes and if you know where their vaginas are hidden. I wonder if you have special tricks to turn on specific animals.
    2. It is not funny, more like gross and the sarcasm is hard to understand as a non furry. Even if you tried to put it as sarcasm, i am really thinking now that you did have sex with an animal even tho i didn't think that before.
    You could go all the way gross with lots of honesty instead of sarcasm, that would clear things up and rumors wouldn't be necessary in future, you would also provide giggles and laughs for both parties. To most people having sex with an animal of the opposite gender is still more normal then gay sex and gays don't mind sharing their grossest stories in public. Like ugh, really, they talk with way more detail then normal people and they make so lively.
    3. The troll is too weak.
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    Ok, I'm really trying to bring an adult gross humor, 'cause really that's all goes through peoples minds and so I'm giving back at them what they really think.
    Point 1.
    1. From the moment someone has sex with a pet or animal it's called bestiality, it has nothing to do with furries I assure that.
    2. If someone decides to do a murrsuit orgy they're probably more attracted to the suit for sure, I doubt people do that but this is the world and everything happens at some point.
    3. Ew, pets joining that would definitely not be ok, bestiality is never ok.
    4. Animals and rape to me is still bestiality, but I bet in some peoples minds they seek for pleasure and their furry fetish at some point probably will make them think that way, like you said fetishes are gross. [in their minds not IRL]
    5. Animal shapes are used in a lot of furry porn artists, some people dislike others like, it all depends in the person taste, but mostly they will choose the animal member due to be more close to the anthropomorphic character.

    Side notes: As myself speaking I watch and study the mature art and general art, because not only if I become a good artist I can go commissions and make money from it, I also improve myself in an artistic way.
    I don't get aroused or attracted by it in a sexual way, I don't have dreams having sex with animals, or have intention to do
    something close like that EVER IRL and in ART, porn is porn you don't need to complicate things.
    But just knowing that there's porn from my favourite cartoons makes me cringe, don't destroy the innocence guys.

    Point 2.
    It will never be funny to some people due to their minds be so buried with rumors and unclear information, therefore all the mature sarcastic jokes will be taken serious.
    That's why I go with sarcasm then i go with a serious approach explaining to it, but don't worry I'll make sure to let people know when I'm being sarcastic. (Really don't fucking believe the animal fucking serious, people who do that should be castrated and go to jail that's so fucking nasty)
    Have in mind gross in SOME furries is just in their porn art, not all furries are into PORN.

    Also side note I'm still really new to this community, I can say that myself as a furry don't really fit into the sexual pleasure of the fetish therefore I can't really share gross stories or even comprove some gross stories like those exist.
    But by asking a lot of furries I notice that they make sure ART stays away from IRL, everything sexual that happens IRL in furry related is a real no-no to furries. (murrsuits are a really small group and it's just a costume, like you see people use those leather black suits that like to get whip and shit)

    3. That's the idea, all the trolls say the same shit.

    Also if society is still really fresh and weak towards this subject, I might put a foot back on this, 'cause TOO SOON.

    Moral of story and TL;DR: Bestialitity is NOT ok, furries dont have sex with animals and pets and people who do that should be executed, and there's a difference between RL and ART.