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    This Section is for animations made by yourself.
    Do not post videos or animations not made by yourself.
    Your threads will be moved.

    Do not request animating help in this section.
    For that please use tutorials and help section.

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    Happy Foruming~​

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    Alright. I'ma lay down some new rules. I'm going to start getting more strict with how things are run in this section. I'll start off delivering warnings and such, but soon I'll be giving out infractions if people continue to act this way.

    Rule 1: Do not post extremely short animations.
    By this, I mean, don't post 1 animation that's like only 3 seconds long. You guys should animate more before you seek for help and advice. It'll actually help you guys if you do more on your own. I don't have an exact limit yet... But if it's just a walking test, then that'll be warned. It's okay if you post multiple short animations. Like, a Standing, Alert, Walking, Swing tests that are all really short. I'm fine with that, just keep it all in 1 thread. I'm also okay with things that are actionscripted and are really short. There isn't really another place for them I suppose. It should be long enough that people can cnc it. I will warn/infraction and also lock the thread if I feel like it's too short.

    Edit: Although it's discouraged, it's fine to post a short animation that has detail in it, such as something cinematic or whateva. Just try to animate more though.
    Edit 2: There's a place for short/test animations now, please post them in the dumpster thread here

    Rule 2: No immaturity/flaming.
    I'm surprised at how rude some of you guys are. If I see a comment that isn't positive or it doesn't provide anything to help them improve. This also includes of any other immaturity in the section. Example, rejecting cnc. One of the main animation sections purposes is to receive cnc on your work. Just accept the god damn advice. The examples of this are endless. Another example: criticism that indirectly attacks someone, if you KNOW that your critique is going to evoke a negative reaction from the individual, then your best choice is to either rephrase your comment to show something more constructive, or not say anything at all. Said individual has a right to report the comment at their good discretion if he/she has taken offense to it.

    Rule 3: Don't give poor cnc.
    For this rule, I'll only warn. I doubt I'll ever give an actual infraction for this. But don't give advice that isn't required to make an animation look better. For example: Don't tell people they have to skew their animations. Skewing does not make your animations better or worse, it is not required, do not advise people on using certain methods that depend on style and such. There's other things too, like Smoothing, people always say to smoothen your bitmaps and it's the only way to make it look better, but there's other options, like Trace Bitmap is also a good option.

    So.. I'm not doing this to scare anyone. I'd still like everyone to be active here and post as much as they always have been. I'm not going to be as extreme like Sai or Sue and make you afraid of this section... It's just that I'd like to knock some common sense into you guys. These shouldn't even be rules :C... It's common sense. I think it'll be pretty easy to follow.

    Thanks for reading~

    Also, short animations and poor cnc will be considered as a Spamming Infraction.
    Immaturity/Flaming will be considered as a Flaming Infraction.
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