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Discussion in 'Closed Applications' started by Sekka*, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Tell us your biography. Who are you? How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you?Just tell us a little about yourself.

    Hello viewer of this application, my name is Paige Person, I am seventeen years old and am in my twelfth grade year of high school. After I finish high school I plan on majoring in animation with a minor in European history and Psychology. I have been a part of the maple community since Still-Framed and the reason I first joined that forum was because I saw advertisements for the site on YouTube and thought it would be a good way to further my talents in animation.

    I have been an active author throughout the majority of my life. Ever since I can remember I enjoyed writing stories and creating interesting characters who had a variety of unique personalities and fun special abilities. I eventually began to really love grammar and formatting and to this day I still think they are the two most important aspects of good literature (those and obviously a good story).

    Throughout the forum I always try to maintain a positive and polite mood. I have always felt that doing so not only gives people the respect they deserve as content creators and overall as human beings, but it also allows me to gain the respect of others, as being hostile generally makes enemies.

    My activity within this forum has been quite sublime considering I have only been on this forum for about half a year. I have contributed to the twenty fourteen Secret Santa event, the twenty fourteen MMSP (which in the end ended up failing sadly) as well as hosting my own sprite shop for people who are unable to sprite weapons for themselves. I have tried as hard as I could to leave a lasting impact through the forum as I have been here, and feel as if I have done so fairly well.

    Now that I have ranted about myself for a good four paragraphs, I feel like it is time to actually show what I intend on doing with the team if I am successful in getting in, as well as some of my previous pieces of writing.

    Tell us anything we need to know about your future behavior in the team.Why do you want this position? What are your plans to improve the team? How dedicated are you?

    My behavior in the team will be very similar if not identical to my behavior within the forum, I will consistently be as polite as I possibly can while attempting to still be on point and critical. The main reason I want this position is because literature and news are two things I am very passionate about. I have spent a lot of time honing my writing skills to make them at the very least slightly presentable, and I really feel like this team would give me an opportunity to showcase my talents. I also just enjoy the thought of being on a team, the experience alone would make me absolutely ecstatic!

    My main plans to improve the team would be to assist in maintaining a schedule that isn't too hard on the team and wouldn't give too little to the viewers of our articles. I think a huge part of this will be consistency and organization, two things I feel I am rather skilled in. I would also be a valuable proof reader for any other team members who would require such services.

    I am an extremely dedicated and driven person when the subject interests me. So, since this team is one of the biggest things I have been looking forward to in a while, it is safe to say that I will dedicate more then enough time to contribute my part and assist with coming up with ideas and helping other team members. I have very little other things I do except school, so I would have a plethora of extra time to help out.

    Example of your writing:

    The above piece is something I had submitted to a contest within my school. The story follows me (as a child obviously, haha) through something that happened to me quite frequently when I was younger. I was absolutely horrified of the dark and truly believed that disgusting and foul creatures lived within it, so when I had to get up to use the washroom or go get a drink from the fridge, it was quite an ordeal to say the least.

    Select the rubrics you wish to write for.

    General forum news
    Top media
    MBR reviews
    Project announcement
    Make a suggestion...

    Your own suggestion:

    Maybe consider adding a section for "Faction of the month", this article would be judged on how much members of the faction have done within the month, or if the faction itself did anything during the course of the month. I feel like it would be a great way to inspire activity within the factions!

    Do you have anything else to add?

    I know that my post count is fairly low in comparison to other members, but I truly feel like I would be a good addition to this team. I am highly dedicated to this, have fairly decent writing skills with a rather positive attitude, and am willing to give all of my time to make this work as smoothly as possible. Thank you for allowing me to apply, and I really hope I get to contribute to this team as a member.

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    Today i learned a new word, ecstatic.
    That already tells me you are a good writer.

    The way you formatted your text was pleasant and that comes from me who doesn't enjoy reading long texts.
    You seem very dedicated to writing and have knowledge in almost every media section.
    Your modesty is lovely.
    Your post count doesn't matter, i think you were apparent enough with your activeness since i noticed you around.
    (I configured this team so that you need 100 posts to apply. We are lucky that you just reached that amount.)

    Your suggestion will need further discussion once the team is up. It doesn't seem like a bad idea, just how doable is it? It will probably require more time till the factions get up from their butts and actually do something.

    Yeah, i totally see you in the team.
    Your volunteering to proof read, interest in every rubric and coming up with your own idea makes you even a potential leader.
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    I really don't see anything wrong with your application, I'm sure you would do fine. Just make sure you commit to this if you do get the job.
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