Sekka's second "Rad" News Team application!

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Do I get to rejoin the team?

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  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  1. Sekka*

    Sekka* The Snake
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    The Radicals
    Tell us your biography. Who are you? How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you?Just tell us a little about yourself.

    Hello viewer of this application, I am Sekka*. I am currently nineteen years old and am well into my first year of studying art fundamentals at Sheridan college. Upon finishing that course, I plan on applying for the animation program offered by the same school. This love for animation lead me to join a forum dedicated to MapleStory animations called Still-Framed approximately four years ago. I joined during the last couple of months for the forum, so I didn't achieve much while in that community, but it made me want to continue working with MapleStory sprites, so I decided to go and join MapleMation.

    Once I joined MapleMation, I began trying to post my content as much as I could and consistently made sure to try to give detailed constructive criticism to any and all members I thought I could help by doing so. Eventually during my stay, the topic of establishing a "News Team" surfaced, I adored this idea as I have wrote things my entire life and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I instantly began spewing out ideas for the team and made an effort to involve myself with it's creation as much as I possibly could. When the applications for the team opened, I quickly crafted my application and was accepted as the first leader of the team.

    After trying to get the team properly situated with each other, I soon left when my life began spiraling out of control and I became quite depressed. Recently however, my life smoothed out, I am fine with everything that happened and am now ready to be an active member of the community again!

    Give us some example(s) of your writing.

    Click here to view my piece.

    I made this piece specifically for this application, last time I applied I explained my piece slightly, but a friend of mine recently told me that if something is written well, you shouldn't have to explain it, and I thoroughly agree with that statement, so that is exactly what am going to do.

    Select the rubrics you wish to write for.

    -General forum news.
    -Top media.
    -MBR reviews.
    -Project announcement.

    Your own suggestion.

    If I get accepted back into this team, I want for us to establish a schedule for the articles. We can't have them be sporadic anymore, with a schedule established we couldn't make excuses as to why we haven't made an article in a while because it would just be on a set day every week/month. I tried to make this happen the first time I was on the team, and I especially want it to happen now after seeing what happened without one.

    Do you have anything else you wish to add?

    Yes actually, I do. I know that I was gone for an extended period of time, and I know that is unacceptable, but I am back now, and I promise to stay and work hard to make the News Team something the forum as a whole can be proud of. I wanted this team to exist so badly when the idea first came up, and I want it to continue to exist just as badly. Thank you for the chance to potentially get on this team again, and thank you very much for taking the time to read my application!
  2. Shulkle

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    You've already been on the news team before and your piece along with how you talk always (if not, almost always) has proper grammar. I don't see why not considering what you've done before. While I more or less joined while you were absent, you were easy to talk to and I'd say an open and kind person overall.

    Despite me not being in any relation with staff and whatnot, I'd say you deserve your News spot back. C:
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  3. NobleJuice

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    May 8, 2016
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    You ever resinged from the team? Your sentences are easy to read and clear. The news team needs somebody that will make the new articles. Yes.

    I expect 500 bucks next to my door for that vote, thank you.
    Hugs 'n Kisses.

    How long will this actually be here? Like the news team is ded asf
  4. Aquila

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    Welp it's unanimous!

    Welcome back to the team!

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