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Discussion in 'Closed Applications' started by Shulkle, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. Shulkle

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    What is your best work? Post as many animations as you need.

    Why do you want this position?

    Rather than aiming to make my family proud or anything along the lines, or anyone for that matter, I want this position because of the lack of hope for others to push themselves to even try to get to this position. I believe that by stepping up, I can motivate others to do the same: aspiring others to become the best that they could be in their field, whether it be for Animation, Spriting, Comics, and so forth. Based on the applications' dates, there were only 2 applicants in 2017 for any Team; Donimation for the Animation Team, and Mr.BK for the Sprite Team. While only having about 2 years of animation experience, less since I started animating in a GIF format in October 2016, I wish to have this position in order push others into reaching said goal, or more specifically, considering what position I'm applying for, give my insight on the GIF animations that others may create, in addition to giving out my thoughts on a Flash animation to the best of my abilities. (There's no denying that GIF may be considered a dead format to animate in, but it shouldn't hurt to give another vision outside of the Flash styles we see today, let alone have others try it out at the very least.)

    What makes you worthy to be in this position?

    I've been interested in this position since I started animating 2 whole years ago. It wasn't until around October of 2016 when I started being interested in GIF animations. Admittedly, this means I have fewer years in me when it comes to animation, and I'm fully aware of that. I don't think time should be a major factor when it comes to what I really know, and I feel like my activity and image within this community should make up for it.

    What are your goals in this team?

    I believe I stated my objective within the 2nd question, but to reiterate, it is to try pushing others into reaching the goal they desire, that anyone, even some scrub like me who just picked up an Adobe program 2 years ago, can still muster up the courage and try applying. Another goal I have in mind is to try pushing for any sort of team activity. It's a cliche thing to say, but I believe it can actually happen.

    Do you have anything else to add?

    Also, for the sake of not creating a misunderstanding, I'm still going to animate in Flash at times. Just because I'm applying to a specific part of the animation team doesn't mean I'm going to completely neglect the other part of it. I'll apply for that other part in due time, but as of now, I'm not confident enough in my own abilities.
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  2. Hunter


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    If you are worthy of getting your gifs stolen, you should be in GAT to get full protection from those events from happening. Gonna be safe than sorry fam.

    I'd say yes myself for this because you have a good skills in this program and you're pretty active (more than someone here cough cough).

    old time style of judgement

    First one, with this being your most advanced and longest (by longest, I don't even know!) You got cinematic down pretty well, longer fights, as well transitions between scenes was somewhat okay/well done with one mistake when changing from front to back view is that the head doesn't necessarily adjust to the given perspective but I'll let it pass. Pass

    Secondly, Short, sweet, and awesome! Nice use of the 2.5d view of the scene to show impact. Nothing else to be said about this. Pass

    Thirdly, (can't tell which one is the longest between this and the first one haha xDDD) this animation was well done, both side is not too one-sided and both has equally interesting attack combos for what it is. I very much like this one because it's a good loop with no noticeable start of the animation where we could tell where the first frame is. Pass

    Last gif of yours wasn't really impressive but still shows off your basic skills, which is p'good. Pass


    Foot collab part, It was done rather well for 24 hour attempt, long too! ... coming back to this
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  3. bluezemmi

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    Sign this man up for the GAT. Your GIFS are so on point, that other forums steal it for their own use.

    Jokes aside.

    You want to revive GIF animations. and are prepared to motivate and aspire people to create GIF animations That motivation really fits a Team member I say.

    Good luck on your application!

    PS: You forgot your best work of your entire GIF career.
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  4. AznMagix

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    What's up, Shulkle? It's finally great to see you apply for the animation team and I'll be the a judge of how well you do from here on forth. Since you are applying for GIF team, you will not be judged on any of the flash work that you have done before applying.

    Checking out your animations, you have a very fluid and smooth style that fits very well for GIF animations alone. This is one of the key elements in a GIF animation and you have passed my expectations in this aspect.

    Advanced Techniques:
    You have definitely grown to become advanced in this program and it comes into play when you have minor aspects of cinematics (something I will go into later) within the animations you applied with, specifically within the first and second animation. Following what Hunter said earlier, you experimented with scaling and different perspectives within your animations, which is a task many animators can't grasp within this program, so kudos to you in that. You passed my expectations in this task.

    This task is one I look into the most with applicants and it can apply to many different things within animations ranging from amazing camera work or extremely minor details that can make or break the authenticity of the animation itself. This however, is one of the things you lack within your animations. I truly believe that if you take your time with animations and thoroughly examine what you can improve on within each animation you create, you can create masterpieces that will be acknowledged by many. For example, dust is something that can be ignored by many and it can be used in many different parts of the animation. Although it is not NEEDED, it is definitely something that can improve animation quality enough to please the eye. This task did not meet my expectations and is something that you could definitely work on.

    However, with the majority ruling coming into play, you have earned my vote to be able to join the team! (woooo.)

    It's a yes from me. Good work and keep improving.
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  5. Bakari

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    Oh shit, welcome to the team I guess lmao
    Good shit
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