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    Tell us your biography. Who are you? How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you? Just tell us a little about yourself.
    I'm Skies, I used to play Maplestory 11 years ago, time flies. Back there, I stumbled across The Guild vs a Snail, and that video got me interested in watching Maple Series, Maple Kombat, Gun Master, Mapling Times, Khaini. I lurked around playpark forum that has Maple Comics, and I remembered the MapleStory comic by Ezshock, and Arc of Destiny by SkyofStars (NOT ME). The comics are long killed off by both Imageshack and Photobucket unfortunately........ Long story short, age caught up to 20 , and I wanted to make a story of my own, and the only thing I have it that I fiddled with Fireworks a decade past :X .......

    Tell us anything we need to know about your future behavior in the team. Why do you want this position? What are your plans to bring life to this team? How dedicated are you?
    I'm interested in making a comic series, that's why. I thought out my comic series, Adventurers' Saga, over a cup of coffee in the morning. I already had the ending of the entire series in mind, so I doubt I would get myself into any serious writer's block, since the series is also fun for me to create ^^;

    The detailed summaries & drafts on my notebook for 'Book 1' is close to completion, and I am intending to complete season 1 of Adventurers' Saga by the end of this year~ Also, I hope I can finish the series :D , but honestly I have no plans on what's after that, maybe I retire, or continue with a prequel, or a new series. But that's too far fletched, I'll think about it for years to come haha ^^;

    Convince us with your work. Post 3-10 pieces of your work. If you are skilled in multiple mediums, post as much variety as you can.

    Do you have anything else to add?
    I'm 20 today, I feel old >.< ....
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    I'll admit I was captivated by your story so far, plus you're doing well by taking in CnC. You're mature and willing to improve, and unfortunately that seems to be rare these days, haha.

    Is it that of Comic team level though? In my opinion, making it readable, having plot while keeping the readers interested makes for the team. So I'd say, yeah. Being part of a team shouldn't mean you've peaked and considered to the best.

    Either way, it's Zemmies call, but I hope you make it.

    Good luck! :)

    Also.. Happy Birthday!!!! :D... You're not old, believe me. :')
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    Honestly I would reject this application if it weren't for your growth from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2.

    Your comics and readable and keeps you glued to the screen. Thats one the most important things you have to do if you make comics. To try to get the attention of the readers. But there are some things you still need to learn like trying new panels and making your scenes look better with different kind of techniques like adding filters, shadows, blurs, glows and so on. Seeing your potential from chapter 1 to 2, you've improved alot in a span of a month and I'm 100% sure that you would learn new techniques that I can teach you.

    For me the members who join the Comic Team must have some experience in comics and want to learn/improve and that is what you exactly have.

    So I would like to welcome you to the Comic Team @Castleofskies!