Sober Sunday - Short Film

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    A short I wrote and directed for a class back in spring.

    I did not share it until now because compared to my other films, I was allegedly ashamed of this one LOL
    Then I figured "eh...might as well post it somewhere".

    The script was meant to be a mixture of tones leading up to an emotional conclusion, but it clearly ended up being not as well-taken as anticipated by my peers.

    Also, I screwed up with my preparation by not having proper backup actors. I sharply remember shooting this close to finals week, when the original cast fell out. I got desperate and completely miscasted some friends' friends for the role replacements.
    No offense to the actors. (Edgar said he was interested in acting but I had no idea he would be this bad you didn't hear that from me tho shhhhh)

    Overall, the general feedback from the class was that they liked the editing and the story itself was interesting, but the performances were far too cheesy and amateur to take seriously.

    Hope you find some enjoyment out of it. Any constructive feedback is appreciated :) Thanks!

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    Nice, Calvin! I feel like I've seen a short film from you ever other month or something, DANG SHARE THAT MOTIVATION WITH THE REST OF US, YO.

    I think my favourite bit was in the beginning, the quick panning to the each of the dudes and having something else be different. xD I chuckled at that.

    And casting is EFFIN' HARD, especially when you looking for peeps last minute. <:/ I'm sorry it didn't work out how it was originally planned -- hopefully you learned from the experience. Honestly, the actors' performance overall was pretty cringy, but the way it was edited made it still entertaining/engaging to watch. :D
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