Spriting Hair II

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    Hi guys it's me Arcux
    (but call me Yoyo if you don't mind)
    , it has been a while. :awesome:

    I made a thread few years ago about spriting hair, and got some great Cnc. Two in particular were from Kajiya and Lynus. I re-read them and I think I understand a little more now. So one thing Kajiya pointed out was that the hair split was too low. Which I see now. Lynus pointed out the roughness of the hair strands, which I also see. (pictured below)


    So I decided to come back and attempt to learn from the things shown.

    [​IMG] I realized that it's a little hard to see so -> [​IMG]
    Just from looking at it again, I think I need to work on the back of the head, and the three hair strands above the eye. And the lighting as well, since I kind've ignored the circle I placed there for the light source.

    Here's a little transition:
    Cnc appreciated :)

    Other Stuff
    [​IMG] Hair style inspired from the Spiky Tail hair from MS. Need to work on that hairline and lighting lol

    [​IMG] This hair I made after looking at one of Art Thief's characters. It is a combination of the Catalyst and Dreadlocks hair from MS.
    You made it all the way down here?

    No surprise image here but, you are pretty cool. B) Have a good one. o/ [/SPOILER