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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to share a new, but not really new epiphany.

    For those who don't know yet...I apparently have carpal tunnel syndrome :/
    It's sorta like when your nerves and tendons in the hands/wrists sting and numb from gradual overuse, especially if you're holding the mouse, keyboard, controller, etc. in certain repetitive motions for long periods and not getting enough rest over the course of years. Every computer worker and even gamers experience this condition at some point in their lives.

    It's a little frustrating that it's already affecting me at this age, but I'm doing my best these next few weeks to stay positive and heal outside of my job chilling and doing nothing :P (and internally screaming at the acupuncture)

    Anyway, this helped me realize something!

    Passion is a great thing and I'm proud many of us have that. The best artists here achieve great work not because of their talent, but because of how much they push themselves and keep creating bad work until newer, better results emerge. To get shit done, you gotta first do a ton of shit...if that makes sense.

    But as the cliche goes, passion isn't just hard work. It's working smart. That doesn't just mean using all your resources, connections, and cheats to your advantage. It's also taking care of yourself. Getting enough sleep, stretching your body every half hour between computer sessions, meditating, taking walks, eating good food, etc.

    Hate to sound like the wannabe parent, but this is a forewarning that y'all need to make sure you're not pulling too many all-nighters and learning your limits. I can't link you any specific articles, but studies have shown that people with depression, back/neck problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress due to physical burnout, etc. are facing a lot more problems that our parents and grandparents are only facing now at a WAAAAYY younger age. The wonders of smartphones, screen technology, and social media are part to blame >:(

    But I hope me typing this slowly and sharing how I fked up my arms from literally too much editing/animating has somewhat helped you become more self-conscious of your working habits. This obviously isn't an issue for those of us who are just lazy, but for those working their asses off and not paying attention to when your stomach, head, or hands are on fire, we're all basically in the same boat :P

    TLDR Version:
    Stay healthy peeps. Work hard, but don't overdo it. Not everyone should animate for 12 hours nonstop. Not even our vets xD
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    As someone who has gone through multiple stages of carpal tunnel, and currently faces a similar issue, I cannot stress how important it is to take breaks and stretch, if nothing else.

    I currently have the inability to write or hold a pencil for more than a few minutes at a time without intense burning throughout my hands. I've also lost a lot of ability to stretch my thumb outwards?? It's a strange thing that happened due to excessive writing and drawing in school, combined with effectively 90% of my free time outside of school being on the computer.
    Please, please, PLEASE, take care of yourself, as someone who goes absolutely crazy over, and loves creative arts to death, it pains me so much that I cannot make even the most basic sketches without hours of numbness.

    The 3 stretches in this video are incredibly difficult for me, but they also noticeably help loosen my hands up, so I encourage you to do them every now and then (slowly, the first stretch shown is also how you can break a lot of things in your hand when done too quickly)
    ALSO, if you're sitting down often,stretch your back! Lay down on your bed once in a while and just as far as you possibly can, do some lunges with one foot a stairs worth higher than the other, even just getting up and pacing around a little bit can help!
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    I'm someone who was overly paranoid over the health of my hands / arms, especially when I was playing competetive games, so I fully recommend taking counter-measures against carpal tunnel and RSI (repetitive strain injury).
    Some sources : , ,
    Also as a side-note, taking breaks from screen (just looking away from the screen at long distances regularly, is tremendously helpfull), a blog I've been following for a bit regarding eye-sight in general.
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    I have carpal tunnel as well, (along side cubital tunnel). I can advise whoever out there with CTS that if you are interested in medications, that things like neurontin are something to explore. Otherwise, there are plenty non-pharmacologic interventions.

    -Menthol gel is pretty good, I apply it like lotion on the wrist that flares up. You need to buy the non-cakey like gel though, I like CVS brand as the consistency is thin.
    -Stretches like mentioned above. Take breaks from the PC and make sure your posture is correct at the keyboard. This is VERY important.
    -Buy a set of comfortable braces and wear them at night time. If you get a flare up, wear your brace. It works wonders for me.
    -Warm water helps to soothe the hands as well!

    Best of luck to those who are struggling with CTS.
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