Story: Life After Graduation

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    I thought life would be hard getting used to after school, but it's pretty much the same.

    School takes up time. Anyone here can relate to that. Whether it's seen as a priority or an obligation, we're influenced into doing it one way or another. The feeling of not having to go back can easily be compared to being released from a prison.

    College education can be great if it caters to your interest. It's the matter of commitment that really counts. Back then, I found animation to be something of worth because I would know what to do with myself otherwise. It's still something that I'm very interested in doing today.

    My time in college was an interesting experience. I did learn quite a lot in terms of doing 2D and 3D too, don't get me wrong. However, it's hard to say that it even changed anything in my daily life.

    I've been working locally as a sprite animator for over a year now and it's pretty much been the main focus of what I do everyday. The only thing that's been filling up a lot of the gaps is investing in myself as an artist. Trying to make original content, managing and engaging in social media, and even attempting to do freelancing.

    (Surprisingly, I don't play games as often as I did even after graduating.)

    Other than work, I can pretty much do about anything now. Like a "New Game Plus" . It's different that what I had imagined ages ago, but it's something that I'm enjoying quite a lot.
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    (Surprisingly, I don't play games as often as I did even after graduating.)

    Welcome to the club