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  1. This bull is annoying. Just made this video because I swear this has happened to me like 30 times. A small channel has come to me asking for a sub for sub, I say no because "I'm not into gaming channels." and then a week later they pass me up in subs and then reach the thousands. SMH...

    It's like 1 in the am. Goodnight, ya'll.
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    * pat pat * I'm sorry, that's like really frustrating ; - ; LOL

    If it's any consolations, number of subscriptions' importance has sorta died since the past few years. It's all about the likes/dislikes, comment/sharing engagement, and viewership. I mean... Look at my channel, I only get like <2k views now LMAO. But that's for reasons unrelated to this topic asdfghjkl; But I don't super care too much, I just love creating Maple videos c:

    You can take pride in knowing that you earned your subscriptions through your own means. *thumbs up* :D
    G'night, sleep well~
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    You have nice handwriting