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    Midnight painted the sky ink black as cold winds rolled by the city. He stood there, unmoving, on the rooftop, remembering all the things that had happened, all the bruises littered around his body, all the cuts on his heart gained through verbal abuse, and all the knives in his back that he had received throughout his school days.
    Once young and bright. But now at 16, when did all the smiles turn to tears, happiness to depression, when did everything go wrong. He couldn't get an answer, but he had a resolve, to end it all, just one step away.

    "They'll see, they'll regret all the bad things they done to me" he said, comforting himself as he took a step forward.


    "They'll regret it" tears swelling in his eyes, as his resolve strengthens itself.


    He reached the edge, and looked down. He smiled, just one step away from the sweet release of death.

    "Hey kid..You lost?"

    Not now, not now, he turned back and came face to face with a man clad in a black cloak.

    "Sir, nothing you say can make me stop, I made up my mind" he spoke, staring at the man.

    "Sir is so formal, call me Death." The man said removing his hood to reveal a skeletal head.

    He wasn't shocked nor surprised, he was going to die, Death is here, it was the perfect proof.

    "So, you're here to take me?"

    "What else am I here for?"

    "Good point" he said, as he took another look at the world.
    "See you on the other side"

    Step. Fall.

    The ground was closing in, he closed his eyes and prepared for the intense pain and sweet release. Darkness engulfed him, blackness shrouded all around. And it all went silent.
    He felt no pain, no release yet, he raised his hand, and saw bluish glows resonating. Death stood before.

    "Any last wishes before I take your spirit away?"
    He thought. "Let me see my grave," was his answer.

    A blur of light flashed by. He stood besides his grave, and took it as proof for his demise. As he turned around to go with Death, something stopped him in his tracks, he saw his mother, eyes red from crying, walking slowly to his grave.

    "They say, the greatest sadness is watching your mother cry. How ya feeling sport?" Death asked a bit too cheery for his liking.

    "No..what..what have I done.. I'm sorry.. Mom can you hear me?" He tried to hold his mother, tell her he's here, but his arms just go straight through.

    "Too late now kid, you're dead." Death said matter-o-factly.

    "...I'm sorry, the people who loved me..I'm sorry I caused so much pain, it's all my fault.." he started to break down.

    "Alright, time to go."

    As Death was preparing to depart, he remembered the reason he ended his life,

    "One more place Death, I want to visit all those who bullied me, who stabbed me in the back, who hurt me."

    With a sigh, "very well" Death said.

    Another flash of light went by. And he knew he arrived at where he wanted to be.

    "Let's see, do you guys regret it yet? You people bullied me to death! Haha I'd like to see the look on your fa-"

    Laughter, there was laughter from the people who hurt him.

    "Good riddance!"
    "I always knew he was weak haha"
    "I always hoped that he would die"

    This isn't right, where is all the anguish? The regret? The "dammit what have I done?" This isn't what he wanted at all.

    " this is all wrong! I wanted to end it all, so I could let them feel the pain they inflicted on me, instead..I hurt everyone that ever loved me."

    Death gave a crackle of bones, which probably would've been his laugh. "Well it's too late now kid.."

    "N-no! I don't want to die! I don't want to hurt anyone else!!" He tried to run, but Death grabbed onto his hand and they slowly fade away..

    He woke up, his head felt heavy and he tasted chemicals in his mouth. He looked around.

    "A hospital room?"

    His family was there, asleep, waiting for him to awaken, besides him were flowers and fruits sent by his friends. And for the first time in forever, he smiled at life. "Thank you..he whispered.

    To the people who are hurting, in pain, and wanted to end your life, don't ever do it, you won't gain anything and you'll be only hurting the people who love you the most, to the people who want to die, your whole life is ahead, just smile at your troubles and your troubles would find troubling you to be boring in the end.

    Note: My first story here, please give pointers for me to improve plox xP