The Alley Square Map Concept [M.B.R Kayas vs Drew]

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    Hoiya everyone!
    As you probably have seen in the credits, I’ve made Kayas’ map concept for him to re-create into the 3D masterpiece of a map you see in his animation. Here it is finally~


    Alley Square:

    I’ve had quite a bit of fun with creating the Alley maps, putting my angle use to the next level, along with creating the abandoned alley square.
    The sort of lore behind it is that the Square was set to be reconstructed after a freak subway accident, but with slow progress due to it being a low priority as a poor part of the city, giving it the more abandoned than construction site look.

    I had the most fun creating the natural lighting for these maps of the nightlife, along with what nightlife does not show. Thank you so much Kayas for the opportunity for me to create this for him! :)
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    This place will become my homeland for my character
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