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    Hey! I'm Kayas, the new leader for Animation Team and I wanna introduce who we have so far:
    • Kayas [​IMG]
    • Warren[​IMG]
    • Neil[​IMG]
    • Miles [​IMG]
    There's no limit as of now as to who could join so please, send in your applications! We wanna see all types, Sony Vegas, MMV, After Effects, etc. Come and set an example to represent your community or join if you have something new to offer to the table.

    To join, go to the Animation Team sub-forum (the one you're in now) and send an application that one of our current members will view at random to process and respond to the application (we will all discuss it with the leader giving the final say).

    You also are required to follow these guidelines should you want to apply:
    1. Activity - Obviously to be a member of the Animation Team for Maplemation - you need to be an active member of Maplemation. You need to be around to give criticisms, upload your own work and just be a presence known to others in the community.
    2. Teamwork - This is the Animation Team - so we need co-operativeness to work together in order to make something great that will inspire our peers and newer animators. You can always do more if a group of talented individuals puts their heads together.
    3. Skilled - Naturally, being a member of the Animation Team means you need to be one of the best and prove you are worth looking up to. Those currently in it have a name for themselves for their skills.
    4. Critical - We can't just have someone good at animating but also someone who can pull up their peers and fellow members by using their experiences and skills to critique or "cnc" someone to elevate them. It is a requirement for members to do VoD reviews as well as just comment general criticism to Animation or MBR/MBRQ threads.
    5. Willingness to Improve - The difference between someone good and someone great is that someone good will be satisfied where they are, but someone great will look for criticisms and any way to further refine their craft to push the skill ceiling higher to redefine what is good. We are looking for this mentality first and foremost.
    6. Innovativeness - This is something that I personally expect for anyone applying and that is innovation. I want someone to bring something new to the table with their ideas for Maplemation and their own creations. We aren't looking for echo-fighters.
    Edit (8/10/19):
    Because of the wipe I need to post the format of the applications again since the original thread got axed:

    First see if you've met most of the guidelines above or are seeking to work on the ones you lack. Next, you will format your thread by answering the following questions (I've made minor adjustments):

    1. What is your best work? Post as many animations as you need.
    2. What makes you worthy to be in this position?
    3. Why do you want this position and what goals do you have?
    4. Do you have anything else to add? (Optional)

    Here is a good example!
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