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    Strength: 11/10
    Speed: 9/10
    Battle IQ: 6/10
    Spirit: 12/10



    Ajah grew up in the hood, but even so, he lived a little better than everyone else in there, he had 2 parents and they made decent money, just not enough to make it out the hood yet. Ajah wouldn't get into a lot of issues because he stayed at home and helped his parents with things around the house.
    One day Ajah was jumped in the hood for walking into gang territory. The man who stopped the gang members from beatin on Ajah was the United States National Heavyweight Boxing Champion. After demonstrating the skill he used to protect Ajah, he unintentionally got himself a new fan, Ajah would not stop harassing him to teach him boxing. The day the Champion finally agreed, Ajah took it seriously, and since then, Ajah has been climbing the ranks as a Lightweight boxer!


    Ajah is an overly caring and kind individual, he's more worried about if you ate tonight rather than if he ate in a week. He's often taken for granted and manipulated due to his kindness. Ajah is also a bit innocent minded and is mainly focused on strictly boxing, however, he does have a girlfriend he gets to see in his free time. Ajah's motivation and ability to keep his mind focused on boxing a lot of the time has made him one of the top boxers in the country, and he soon will challenge the world and fight World Class Boxers.

    Combat Style and Weaknesses:

    Fighting Style: Peek-A-Boo Stance
    (Mike Tyson and Ippo Makunouchi use this fighting style!)
    Ajah focuses on mainly coming up close for a fight, but his stance is good for defense and weaving a lot of hits. His defense is particularly good on weaving with head movements since boxing has rules, but in a street fight his legs would be open, so he changes the stance to account for this.
    Ajah's hits can end a fight in one hit, as his strength is amazing for a lightweight boxer, even blocking a punch would hurt your arms through your gaurd, and commonly break right through it. However, Ajah goes for a lot of big swings, and some of them take a little longer to connect to you, countering before they can hit you will catch him off gaurd.


    Battle Record: N/A
    Market Place Record: N/A
    Points: 0
    Medal Record: 0
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    Locking until you have an animation demo ready.
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