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    welcome to my shit. all my shit is free for use unless it says its not (which will be rare). credits would be nifty but idgaf if you dont credit. this is a complete archive of everything ive made.

    last updated 2020-03-23

    arthur (7DS)

    demon mommy (yikes)

    jericho (7DS)
    koragg helmet (PR: mystic force)

    gold zeo ranger suit (PR: zeo)

    touka mask (tokyo ghoul)
    koragg weapons (PR: mystic force)

    red & gold zeo ranger weapons (PR: zeo)

    mbrq: from light, unto dark

    tiger sword

    Sarin's weapons

    Zalfos' halberd (do not use pls)
    koragg the goat (PR: mystic force)

    Sarin npc v1

    diddly the fiddly (lol)

    curio (PR : dino charge)
    Sarin (37 poses complete)
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