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Trystins mbr profile (2018 version)

Discussion in 'Animator Profiles' started by Trystin Doyal, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Trystin Doyal

    Trystin Doyal Kirby fagboy

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Trystin's MBR Profile!
    Bio:(I've also made some changes to his bio and powers) Trystin well doesn't have much of a back story. but he is far from normal. He isn't human he is a ghoul. He was forcefully turned into a ghoul by his Master (will make this character later). He turned out to be somewhat unique. He doesn't need to eat humans or kill his own kind nor does he have rage. he was calm. and now he spends his time running from his master.
    Kirby: Eh think of him as your friendly neighborhood kirby. But he does meme and he does fight. He really doesn't have a backstory from the fact that he just memes.
    Powers! (yay :D)
    1.He can turn parts of his body to stone effectively making his attacks hit harder
    2.He has the powers of any other ghoul.
    3. He controls the power of ice and lighting.
    4.He has the ability to copy a power from anyone but this is limited to one of there moves.
    1.Moms spaghetti. (Its a meme from my last mbr profile) [​IMG] ''God dammit trystin!''
    2.He has a soft heart so he tents to care about others more then himself. So he can't bring himself to kill another person.
    3.He can't fight in daylight as his powers are weakens immensely.
    Wins :
    Vs Mexo (win)
    Losses :
    Vs Shulkle (Loss)
    Vs Scythe (Tie)
    Vs Grace(Loss)
    Vs Wolferian (forfeit)

    Market place
    I currently have nothing

    Win a battle with you having 98% of the votes or more

    If you want to do a MBR add me on discord and we can plan one out or challenge me on here it works ether way Trystin#0099 MBR Status : Bring it!

    ------MBR Hitlist--------
    Wolf Cause he is a faggot
    Scarf Cause I wanna die
    Armondew cause he is a meme master
    Hyde because I want that rematch
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  2. Darlit Glitch

    Darlit Glitch The lurking enigma
    Game Team

    Oct 28, 2016
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    My personal abyss.
    the image isn't showing up because it isn't saved on some kind of image hosting website, just a heads up.
    imgur and a few other places should work.
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