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    Name: Vuvu


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    Despite this being a fight animation, there isn't a lot of animation happening. Dialogue between your character and Miles dominated the animation. Whenever you have text in an action scene try your best to have dialogue while the characters are fighting, avoid having the characters just stand around while they are speaking. Throughout that entire fight there were only two attacks.

    Your camera work was very static. It didn't really move a lot or do anything besides just show stuff that is happening.

    There was one small zoom, it panned a little bit after Miles got stabbed, no camera shakes, though. Since the characters weren't really moving a whole lot across the screen, you need to pick a certain part to focus on and have the camera follow it.

    This doesn't work for everything my way to do camera work is: more happening on screen = move camera less so people can understand what's going on, less happening on screen = move camera more to make it look exciting and dynamic.

    Another thing you want to work on understanding now while you are still new, have good pacing. In this animation for every attack that is landed, there is 5-6 seconds of dialogue. And that’s really bad considering, there’s 3 attacks thrown the entire time. What makes an action or fight scene exciting is that they establish a pace and it changes throughout the exchange. You always cut your fight scene off before the pace can be properly established by having these long winded talking scenes that freeze the characters in place. Either combine this with the action scenes to keep the pace or don’t have dialogue. Try having a fight that just goes, but if there is dialogue, do not make the characters stop fighting. It makes a big difference.

    As for the combat, it was a lot easier to understand what was happening as opposed to the Sakura vs. Frieza animation. However, that doesn't mean a whole lot because it's really slow paced. There aren't a lot of things happening in this animation; but, you can make up for that by having things look as exciting as they can. When Miles and your character are talking, have them move while they talk. Have them emote, smile and wink. Have them wave their arms. Anything that gives your characters expression. So long as no one is just standing still while texting is on screen. That is the worst way to get people into your animation. Don't worry too much about it though, because you're new and didn't know.

    The sound effects were really lacking. They either didn’t exist, were too quiet, or low quality. The only way to get better with this is to experiment and try sounds out. Try sounds from all different places and put them in your animations and find out what you like for now. I will say when you make animations from now on go to file>publishing settings on the top left of the flash/adobe screen.

    Then go to audio stream and event and make sure they look like this:

    If you have any sounds that still sound low quality after you do this, that just means the sound itself is bad and you need to use another one. Low quality sounds have a “crunchiness” and static-like quality to them. You’ll get used to listening for it as you listen to more sound effects.

    You're still new to animation and that's not a bad thing. Just keep at it, take the above into consideration and don't hesitate to ask the AT for help - be it through the Discord or through DM's. Good luck!

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