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    idk, u tell me
    Name: VyrissXP

    Silver | 53

    MBR Demo's:
    <-- This animation was made recently

    <-- This animation was from approx. 2 or 3 months ago.

    Hitlist: Nobody ATM.

    Season Record (Season 1):
    End of Season Rank-Points: N/A
    Season High Rank-Points: N/A
    Battle Record: N/A

    Availability: HMU after november ;)
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    + Your SpriterZ part improved the lack of fundamentals from the second animation but it still needs improvements
    - Your presentation needs to be more consistent in regards to text placement, you're better off placing it at the bottom of your video in a fixed position through an external program.
    - Your fluidity gets clunky at certain points in your second animation and the poses don't flow together as well as they should have during the combat sequence.
    - Pacing is constantly interrupted in your animations with long 5+ second intermissions between action set pieces.
    - Sound design is pretty bland, no whooshes or other sounds besides hits.
    - Camera work is pretty loose in the sense everything feels tweened constantly while circling around and doesn't focus or emphasis the action going on (no frame by frame shakes, no eased tweens, etc.)

    Whilst I said the fundamentals improved in your SpriterZ part, the criticisms I have towards your fundamentals still stand for some improvement. In particular, your camera work needs the most improvement from the animations put here to really sell the action going on with regards to improved pacing as well. Feedback can help iron those out pretty easily without work put into your end as well, I recommend constantly asking for feedback or trying out a VoD review. With all that being said, your rank is:

    Silver | 53 [​IMG]
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