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    Credit to Dizzy for art.

    Warren is the adopted son of Kyrin,the pirate trainer,she found him out floating in a basket,beside the Nautilus,she fished him out of the sea and she named him after a legendary pirate of past days,and she began teaching him the ways of the pirate at age 8,and he trained diligently all day,practicing punches,kicks,and all attacks a Pirate (that uses knuckles,and knuckles only) can use;at age 17 she gives him her own knuckles and deems him a graduate of Pirate School.
    (Knuckles are invisible,btw)

    While walking through a beach Warren stops by an orange sword dug into the sand....He walks up to it and it speaks to him,"Master,you have found me!" Not knowing what the sword was talking about he asks it what,the sword tells him that once every hundred years a Mapler is born with the ability to choose two classes,and he is one of those Maplers,these Maplers are given special weapons that give them the abilities of a random class. These weapons cannot be picked up by anyone but their owner,and if found or near them,they call out to them.

    "Pull me out of the sand,and you will become a Warrior-Pirate hybrid!" With slight hesitation Warren pulls the sword out of the sand and points it toward the sun. Warren feels nothing....he asks the sword why nothing has happened but it says nothing...then a Heaven's Hammer appears slamming into the ocean parting it. "That is mere taste of the power you know posses." Warren smiles and points his sword toward the sky,"Oh,by the way what's your name,I must call you something," "My name...is Oragon."

    While fighting more and more people Warren began to come up with different moves to use on his opponents while fighting,after coming up with a large enough amount of moves he came up with a fighting style called "Advanced Pirate Style",this fighting style consists of:
    Body Slams
    Judo Throws
    Spinning Kicks

    and many other various attacks,Warren now lives on the Nautilus with his mother teaching Pirates that have reached their 2nd job advancement,he calls the class that uses Advanced Pirate Style "Rushers".


    I'm using AnimatingCreativity's sword until I stop being horrible at spriting


    TL;DR :
    GO NUTS.

    Warren's Abilities:
    Static Uplift :
    He can hold himself and others above ground with the power
    of electricity.

    Bolts :
    Firing off bolts of electricity with his hands.

    Earth Rip :
    He can rip chunks of rock out the ground and throw them at his opponents.

    Shock Ball :
    Fires off an extremely slow moving ball of electric energy, can be used as a trap, or a
    way to keep a combo going.

    Extreme Strength :
    Warren can pummel his opponent straight into the earth's crust with some of his attacks.
    He can also lift heavy objects other people cannot.

    Eyes of Arkwright:
    His eyes have special magical abilities passed down from his ancestor, Aeon.
    They activate at random times giving a sudden burst of magical power, completely rejuvenating him or crippling him sucking out all of his energy in an instant.
    He can also force himself to use this ability but it requires intense concentration.
    But his eyes do much more than just enhancing his magic abilities, they can also change his gender, change his elemental affinity, give him an entirely new power, and even give him extra limbs.

    When his eyes activate, he's taking a total crap shoot.

    But the effect of his eyes only last for 2 minutes.

    Rock Walls:
    He can create walls of rock by using his power glove.

    Flash :
    Warren can zip in any direction quicker than the speed of sound, knocking
    everything out of his way.

    Roar Cast :
    An attack that grabs an opponent off the ground, has the user jump high into the air, and throw their
    opponent at high speeds towards the earth, head-first.

    Static Uplift:
    Warren uses his lightning ability to prolong his opponents time in the air,to give him more time to juggle them with his attacks.

    Lightning Reflexes:
    He uses his lightning abilities to boost his brain's activity,specifically the hypothalamus,speeding up his reflexes,and increasing his reflexes,increases his taste,hearing,sight,and feeling. The only downside is that it increases the amount of pain he feels.

    Lightning Bombs:
    Focuses a pocket of concentrated lightning that will burst upon anyone who steps on it.

    Feel No Pain:
    A technique passed down from Aeon Arkwright (Aeon will be explained when I finish his bio.),where one uses their lightning abilities on themselves,aiming for the nerves,deadening them so the user would feel no pain,hence the technique's name. If used by one who has little control of their power,they can easily shock themselves to death,but of course,Warren is in control,and if driven far enough,he will use this move. Although,the nerve damage is permanent,unless given a healing potion,which Warren conveniently carries.

    Warren doesn't normally take care of other people, he isn't a hero, if someone gets into

    something and he has no relationship, he doesn't care what happens to them.

    Kind towards friends, stand-offish and crude towards the unknown.

    When in battle he shows little emotion beyond anger.

    Playful, Optimistic.

    Battle Style:
    Aggresive, he gives his opponent no chance to think of a tactic, if the try to hide, he moves quickly
    and never stays in the same places.
    Uses the enviroment to his advantage.
    Loves dragging his opponent across the ground, slamming them, tossing them around like

    Wind and Lightning go hand in hand when it comes to causing
    a storm, so wind attacks that could take down anyone else
    do moderately less damage to Warren.

    Needless to say, lightning attacks do little damage to him.

    Lifting heavy objects is Warren's specialty.

    If he applied enough effort, he could break a person's bones.

    Intense conditioning from his training and carrying around his heavy
    sword gives his body increased durability and strength.

    Weak towards aura attacks, any non-elemental power.
    Has an inexplicable fear of spears.
    Also weak against fire.

    Likes: Food, Violence, Games, Animals, Shiny Objects.

    Dislikes: Scraping Noises, Fire, Water.

    Misc :
    Also, because GetAmped2's Main Eventer voice doesn't have that much talking stuff
    besides battle speech, Warren's bilingual (English and Japanese)....so....have fun.
    (All shit-pasted from his bio Stillg3y3ed. in his SS, l3l)

    Reserved Battles:

    Shop History:

    Demo: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/...50b354461a3e62


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    Broken spoiler tags everywhere!
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