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  1. Warren

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    Nov 25, 2011
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    Best Works (In no particular order:)

    One Minute Melee - Yu vs. Polnareff

    One Minute Melee - Ace vs. Natsu

    Smash Wall Collab 2018:

    Smash Pig 2:

    Dragon's Dance (1:05 - 1:17):

    Maple Rushed 6 Part:

    I have no idea why the player for my MR6 part won't show up.

    I also have some private animations that I don't entirely feel comfortable showing in public because they are WIPs but I believe they portray my skill as of now accurately.

    Answers to Guideline Questions:
    Why do you want this position?
    I want this position because when I was a lot younger (around age 11) and I had first joined the site I made plenty of animations but I never really got much criticism for it. Most of the time people never really replied to me or if they did they just said something vague like, "that one part looked weird, but its ok i guess". I never got in depth criticism. I got so little criticism sometimes I would delete a thread and repost what I made because it just got buried underneath other people's works that got more attention until I got some form of response. Furthermore, I've been here since 2011 and I can't ever really say that I've seen the animation team as anything more than just a social status for a bunch of people who happen to be good at animating. I want to change that. I want this position because I want my voice carry more swing than a regular member when it comes to giving animation critique and I want to be more nurturing than the last animation team. I want animation team to mean more than just being good at animating; I want it to mean that someone who's on animation team will always be there to help someone who wants to animate. I want to be a pillar for people who are new to animating to look up to not just because I'm good at animating but because I'm someone who will always have some way to help them or provide something useful to them.

    What makes you worthy to be in this position?
    I made a public announcement in the MM Discord that it is perfectly ok to DM me any animation questions at all. While I am not animation team I'm already trying my best to put myself out there as someone that can be spoken to any time whenever they need help with animation stuff. Also, I created a thread about receiving and giving criticism which I believe will be essential to new people joining the forum who don't understand criticism and how to give it. On top of that, I'm sure some people are aware that I wrote a pretty lengthy thing to Joshua/JTLW4 and BAnims giving them criticism about an animation they made because Joshua posted it in the MM Discord in the animation section and no one responded to it and he ended up deleting it. It reminded me of what I did when I was younger and I couldn't see it happen to someone else. I've demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate my drive to go above and beyond to reach out to people.

    What are your goals in this team?
    I want animation team to be seen as a group of people who don't just excel at animation but nurture others so that they can do the same. I want all members of the animation team, not just myself, to be seen as individuals who promote productivity and creativity and are open to anyone and everyone who wants to ask for help. I want every member of MM who wants to pursue animation, no matter who they are, to feel comfortable PMing us on the forum or on Discord to ask for help.

    Do you have anything else to add?
    I thank you all and the animation team for taking the time to read what I have to say.
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    Hello Warren! I'm glad that you decided to apply to the Animation Team! I'll be doing things a little bit differently, and it's mostly because I feel it's more fitting this way. Rather than looking at and judging your animations/style from the start, I feel it's better to look more in-depth to your reasoning of joining.

    Animation Team Question Replies:
    Well first off, I'm sorry you had that kind of problem when you first joined. I remember about a year after joining Maplemation, I tried to write something out to those who haven't received many comments on their animation. Anyways, I love that quote. It's also something I've strived to become, and something that I hope to be viewed as from others. Reading this really hit me because, not only is that someone I'd aim to be, but someone I really do admire. I believe that being part of the animation team is definitely a way to start, and having that kind of mentality is perfect.

    I remember that. Having a public announcement was a pretty neat way to lend a helping hand to everyone on the server. To be honest, I was wondering if that would actually work, though, by the looks of it, I'd say it's going pretty well. I love how you had the patience to write and give that much input into an animation that hadn't received help from anyone else. That kind of dedication is needed around here.

    And that's what I believe it our goal in the animation team; being seen as individuals who are open to help anyone. I'd also like to direct this to anyone else who's reading this. We are open to help, and will at least try to be as indepth as needed.

    By the looks of it, I do think that you have a good understanding of general physics, staging, and so forth. Using your Smash Wall Collab 2018 Collab part as an example, your use of arcing and sense of gravity on your motorcycle is a clear representation.

    Judging from your animations, you've always had a knack for creating 2.5d camera angle, and it clearly shows in your animations. From Ace flying back with a flame hand approaching him, to your use in camera shots in your Smash Pig collab. That and your fight choreography have always been your strongest points, and I believe that's important when it comes to animation.

    Final Verdict:
    A definite pass from me. Glad that you applied for the animation team.
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