When a Writer meets an Animator

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    The story is still in development but it will be written in short parts (or chapters). I'm kinda unsure how/would my story be seen/understood by the readers so I'll just leave a small cliffhanger for now :v
    Note: Pardon if I do commit any minor errors.
    Another note: Have fun guessing :D

    When a Writer meets an Animator
    By: Elyson
    Wednesday, 28 October, 2015.

    Honestly saying, writing has always been my thing. It has been my source of inspiration and my source of inspiring others. Through words instead of actions, writers can create beautiful sceneries only imaginable to one’s mind, suffocating suspense and of course, a story with meaning.

    Through my years of writing I have been inspired by many and hope to become one of the people who inspire. Whenever I stare at a blank piece of paper I would always think to myself, “Dang, I wonder what I should write today.”

    Of course there are days where I am full of with ideas and want to pen them all down. However, on days like these, I ponder within my unsettled thoughts and dread of warm water raining down on my head.

    I could not do it.

    As of this year, I am 15 and I spend most of my days imprisoned in a building called “school”. 4 high walls with 3 large rectangular windows on one side made our classroom which we study in. 2 fans hanging above us supply our heated classroom with sufficient wind which only makes us want more. Projects given by our teachers bury us in deep shitloads of responsibilities and even leadership. Sometimes…it is not easy.

    Today is Wednesday and the time is 6.36 p.m. (+8GMT) and I am in undying torment from unfinished businesses. My shoulders are aching from the constant hours spent in front of the computer, relentlessly keying in unreadable words from a piece of paper. If I were to write a letter to my teacher, I would state that “Dear Madam, you are a teacher. Not a doctor.”

    For as long as she could remember, Allison was writing stories about love, passion, suspense and magical beings. To her, her writing seemed as it brought her into another dimension yet similar to ours. Whenever she could have a “trip” across the border she would always pen it down when she returns. She described it as a “very magical place filled with kind-hearted people” in most her notes. However, “it was never quite right”.

    It reminded her of Canada, she claimed in one of her notes, for as the other world’s national flag had a red maple leaf embedded in the centre of a black piece of cloth. Why Canada?

    As the days pass she spent more and more time in the other dimension. She made new friends, all with different abilities of their own. Some had elemental powers whereas most were skilled in combat. Just one thing she could not wrap her mind around. The people there did not seemed to get hurt nor bleed much whenever they have a friendly match against each other. No wonder hospitals were inadequate.

    Saturday, 26 September 2015

    I made a new friend, his name is Drake and is about 4 years older than I am. I met him in a forum I recently joined and managed to settle a few issues I had with a software. I guess I could classify him under the typical “bencher” category, like me. Casually watching free dramas streamed live right in front of his eyes.

    All in all, I think we can become close friends in the future. Just one small problem. He lives on the other side of the world.

    “I guess it’s time to go back now,” Allison sighed.

    How much she dreaded about going back to her world. She liked it here. No, she loved it. This is the place where she could fully express herself without a second’s thought. She actually had friends here. Real, caring friends and not some diva trying to get more attention or so-called “friends”.

    Allison stood by the gates which connected that world to hers. Reluctant to go back, she held her breath and fought back the coming tears.

    “Hey, Allie, you going now?” a hesitant voice called out to her. She did not turned around; she did not want that person to see her on the brink of tears. “Yeah,” she replied, back facing the person, “Sorry but, I need to get back soon before my family finds out that I’m here.”

    “Will you be back soon?”

    “I don’t know…probably.”

    “Well, I hope to see you tomorrow too, Allie.”


    She could hear her voice being drowned out by a ringing sensation in her ear. Unknowingly, she entered the gates. Every step she took forward, the phrase “Well, I hope to see you tomorrow too, Allie,” kept repeating in her mind as she passed through the gates and back into "reality".

    A soft whisper left her mouth, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Drake.”
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