Where am I in this life at this point.

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    For the old farts that are still here, good to know, for those new people hello I'm an old cunt (Do swear a bit, I apologize).

    Intro done, well let's see I haven't posted anything here in like 5 years or so that's probably last time I made videos, was a fun time so a short sum of my life timeline.

    18 yo- 2008

    Saw Maplestory animations and bannedstory, decided to give it a try with sony vegas (Ush that was painful to watch those first animations)

    20 yo - 2010.

    Got mildly okay and gained popularity

    21-23yo - 2011-2013

    Had fun with you folks in the interwebs, skype calls, games and went through a lot of life shit situations.

    24yo - 2014

    Went in a weird stage and met the world of furries (And regret it slightly with the bunch of SJW and Degenerative there but people are people and as long you don't fuck your dog and harm yourself or others I won't judge)
    Also my IRL friends were great to support me in my coming out as gay and had a blast with them.

    25yo - 2015

    New life chapter, travel abroad for work, new people, and new disappointments.
    Fast fucking forward.


    Holy shit it was time to say goodbye to the furry community, maybe i can share of story from that later on if people feel interested in it (It's a reaaaaaaaaaally long story)
    Moved to Poland for work, it was terrible and terrifying, but it was necessary.


    Shitty fucking year, my father passed away, would think this wouldn't affect me due to his abuse, made me feel like shit due to his alcohol abuse, I do remember make some old stories about him, but he was still my pops, eventually things became better.


    Still in Poland, and still don't know how to fucking speak the language, I'm currently working and a Cabin Supervisor, basically I'm responsible to all the fucks in the plane, it's a great job, I love what I do.

    Trying to KIT with most people, that's why I'm here again, friends will be friends and I do see some of you as old friends.

    Moral of Story, life isn't what you plan of, probably i will be completely different in 10 years from now as I was before, and there will be good times, bad times and some of them really really bad times where you will think there will be no tomorrow, and you'll learn every day from it.

    DO. NOT. GIVE. UP.


    This is my love.


    Wouldn't be living if she didn't exist.


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    Holy shit, I remember you right around the time I was really active. Has it really been 5 years!? Gdamn we're old D:
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Really great to see you're doing well. That dog is a beauty ;_;
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