"Who Ate The Last Cookie!?!?" collab

Discussion in 'Dead Projects' started by Wolferian, Jul 5, 2016.

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    Well, this certainly escalated a bit. I apologize for not looking into this sooner.

    If you still really want to finish this, go for it. Nothing's more important than having the drive and taking the next step forward.
    However, please consider polishing your ideas and project details. To make a successful collab, you need to show people how serious you are - whether it's through your skill/experience, presentation, or both. Usually, it requires both.

    What most of the people who posted above are implying is that if you're going host a collab and wish to cooperate with other animators, asking them to put their effort into YOUR project, you have to at the very least have some sense of credibility, skill, and leadership that they can trust. Believe me when I say they mean well. Because no one wants to be the next guy who's seen as inferior/incompetent compared to his collaborators. Also, no one knows if you'll decide to just abandon the project midway and waste people's time. This is the consequence that comes with animators that are working with/for you for free.

    And if you don't have the reputation, you need to at least build and properly organize a presentation and showcase your skill...or look for animators of your similar level to work with.
    Build a network of friends. Make a sample part if you have to, as long as you interest people and make them understand you will carry through.

    I directed my 1st successful collab 7 years ago, when my animations were still shit. This was an era before I realized forums ever existed. To this day, I'm still amazed LockLockBoy and MapleTheory ever gave me a chance.
    It just goes to show how important presentation and building trust is, because I literally would talk to these guys and the rest of my collaborators for months before presenting parts I've already made and asking them to join in on the project.

    So take notes on what people are suggesting with regard to your thread. We're only trying to help.
    Even if you fail, learn from the mistakes and move forward. Who knows, maybe you'll make something great that everyone wants in on in the future :)

    Good luck.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.