Who to buy?

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Which chempion to buy

  1. Kha'zix

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  2. Diana

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  3. Nami

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  4. Volibear

  5. Jinx

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  1. Dinoz

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    Jun 14, 2012
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    Hello guys,
    Ima playing for a long time and Idk which chempion to buy now
    I have now more that 6300 IP so that means that I can buy any chempion
    And I'm playing most of the time in Rank Games so Ima not checking them (and I have PBE user )

    I thought about few chempions
    1. Ima playing in rank a lot as a supp and my main real supp is Lulu so i wanted to buy another one that will be Nami
    2. I'm realy like to play in the Asasin role and i have a lot of them so I thought to buy an asasin that can be in a lot of lanes like Diana and Kha'zix
    3. I like to play tanks also so I thought to buy Volibear
    4. Or the last chempion that came out Jinx

    This is the chempions that I have:

    And Ima Bronze 2 in EUNE

    So what do u think?
  2. Nani

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    Jul 6, 2010
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    Kah' has a good burst and can always jump to attack and safety, Diana is good but only after level 6.

    Voli is good for jungle and top and can tank like hell due to his passive.

    Jinx will be nerfed but she's good anyway, you already have good adc so I would probably good with Voli, Fizz is a good mid assasin and Kah' is good too but with little armor or Mr you can be a lot of poked in mid.