Why is being a adult so... "scary"?

Discussion in 'Life Experiences' started by Amberling, Apr 11, 2018.

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    What the title says basically.

    I feel like my life is moving wayy too fast. First I was a kid, then a teen, and now an adult? (especially turning 21 in May). I feel like I was only 18 yesterday and now im suddenly filled up over stressed and responsibilities and doing things alone without my parents. As an adult, I been having such a high amount of anxiety and not sure what to do or how to feel or how to see things. I'm like... super confused over some stuff and this world as well.
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    Dunno what to say..you are older than me anyways, maybe life is really care free when parents are there?
    So even if life is scary. it's just a reason to overcome it. I have no experience in any of this, I just feel adopting the right mindsets helps you move forward.
    I think just knowing your reason for doing things is enough to overcome obstacles. I find reading stuff helps, learning the mistakes people made before.
    I like to think to just do what seems the best and not care what comes after since I can't do anything about it. Atleast I know all the failures I ever made shaped me to be a better person and the experiences counts. Being able to control what I'm able to seems like everything I am able to do. Everything else just depends on luck. Feelings feels like something we have control of too.
    Hope you are able to handle your situation soon.
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    Life is scary for the most of us, you're definitely not alone. Just focus on what you need and build up! It sounds pretty simple, but it's as complicated as you try to make it, so do your best and keep going.
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    Life has felt too fast for me literally every year since I started college :(

    The problem with out generation is we're growing in an extremely fast-paced, multitasking society and with that brings a ton of anxiety and obsession with escapism. Fortunately, there are studies on habits and skills to combat inefficiency and stress and a large majority of successful people rely on them today. I recommend trying out meditation and affirmations if you're having trouble getting past some anxiety or focusing on certain tasks. Also consider organizing your priorities in a list of some sort and spending intervals of 25-30 minutes on each task with 5 minute breaks in between. It's definitely helped me survive the past 2 years of hustling in film school :)

    Like what the others above said, this is a pretty normal state of mind among us young adults. We just have to do our best to keep our head up and push forward with more anticipation than regret. I say this while reflecting and contemplating the bane of my existence every night lmao

    Happy early 21! Don't black out on alcohol xD
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