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    Name: Xusuke

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    One of my animations:
    Note: I do not animate like this anymore.
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    + Pacing (something necessary for action) is actually done pretty well here for the most part with some odd spots here and there like with the spindash. You got one fundamental down that a lot of others struggle with (myself included)
    - Camera work is pretty wonky, it zooms in suddenly and zooms out while jittering side to side without tapering out for the hits this gets disorienting when it's too frequent
    - The understanding of physics is lacking, some hits that are hard have no build up while hits that have a lot of build up have no pay off or when a character flies off slowly.This makes the animation feel inconsistent and 'artificial' in the sense that the viewer can't feel the impact as well.
    / I'll leave out things like choreography and backgrounds/space since it seems like a bash collab that follows a certain format.

    - Sounds cut off, let them play out
    - Try adding more than just the hit sounds, there should be whooshes to emphasise the hits, landings, etc.
    - Inconsistent with effects, the beginning had no hitsparks then midway the hitsparks start to appear

    Really you're just lacking in fundamentals but you got stuff like pacing down. Just mainly work on your physics and camera work to sell the impact and what's going on in your animations on top of the stuff I said in the presentation section to further help emphasise this. Your rank is Bronze | 30