yo, i'm jujojo!

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    hey y'all, i'm jujojo
    i'm a female (she/her, lol) artist from the caribbean who also loves animating, mainly sprite animating rn.
    i used to dabble in being part of the bonic (or sonic fc) community for a long time, mainly when i was a little kid, but got bored eventually in 2021, stopped making bonics, and left.
    i messed around with maple sprites for a bit as well.
    now i kinda just make art and animations of whatever i want.
    i'm interested in computers as well, as of writing this i think i'm going to pursue a job in that field, at least until i can make something out of my art, animation, and writing skills, where my real passion lies.

    as for what i'm like, i can be a bit shy when talking to new people but i try my best. i also have a habit of being really sarcastic, usually in a joking way
    when i'm casually texting, i usually use a period at the end of my sentences to signfiy that i'm joking/being sarcastic.
    i'm also into anime, like jujutsu kaisen, my hero academia, kill la kill, and violet evergarden, and video games, namely nintendo, sonic and persona.
    did i ramble on for too long?
    it's not like many people are gonna read this LOL

    anyways yea

    my socials if you want to check me out:

    youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOjjae8QABT-amx8QYKwQYQ

    twitter: https://twitter.com/jujojoEX_?t=4mqg9y0nmWMyxBCpjGxktg&s=09