Maplemation Staff


Karasu joined Maplemation in 2011 for the “Maple,” and has since then congregated with individuals who joined for the “mation.” For the longest time, nobody knew he was a moderator because people rarely find this staff page. Now it is too late. He is the current owner of the “Maple” and the “mation.”


Neil, otherwise known as “Pizzaman,” is an animator that started back in 2012 after finding various MBRs on YouTube and grew to enjoy the community and its people. He now moderates the forums with extra cheese and a Pepsi on the side.


CC found his passion for movies in 2007 through Maple animations. Today, he's a full-time editor and filmmaker in the entertainment industry, with credits and awards in several major studio titles and streaming platforms. He serves as the longest-standing moderator in Maplemation, harnessing the creativity and community that originally inspired his career journey.


Heki originally joined the Maple animation community back in the times of BSBG forums. Originally known as Hekisaishi, he used to make gif animations in FW. But he found his passion in spriting and has since stopped animating to fully pursue spriting.


Rhys started mapmaking in Maplemation when she first joined. Spending more time in the community, she aspired to be a great spriter just like her friends and mentor. Although she’s dedicated herself to the life of pixels, she doesn’t plan on stopping there.


Hunter joined Maplemation back in 2010 as a novice Flash and Fireworks animator, currently focusing on art. Not only is Hunter a long time animator, but he is also an experienced Maps maker and Comic writer. On top of that, Hunter holds an Associates Degree in IT, while currently studying for Drafting as his secondary. The amazing hunter may be deaf, but he is a member with a passion to interact and lighten the community and beyond. Holding his head up high with the magnificent Memester title, he aims to brighten everybody's day as a moderator.

Community Manager

Hailing from the Land of Sand, this spicy boy joined the Maple community in late 2013. Dabbled in a bit of animation from time to time, decided to join the staff team in hopes of bringing the community together.

Animation Team Leader

Kayas joined Maple animating a little later into the game than most others on the site. What attracted him wasn't the source material of the game but the content created from it. Kayas then joined Maplemation and aimed for the Animation Team Leader spot to contribute to the output of content that inspired him to join.

Sprite Team Leader

Rhys' goals with the sprite team are to encourage more hands-on learning as well as taking next steps in improvement. Staying in a comfortable spot isn't bad but climbing mountains has a nicer sound to it.

Website Host

Apart of the MapleStory community since it’s early days, Tyler has contributed to several fansites throughout the years as well as hosting Maplemation.


Co-founder of Maplemation. Another older animator coming from Maplesim forums, he took care of just about all of the forum work. Also known as the “Wind Walker” through animations.


RumSwiller isn’t much of an animator, however he did create the original “MapleStory Headbop” video. Known mostly for forum moderation/coding work.