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    For those who didn't know, Sai, one of the most important spriters in Maple animation history has passed away.
    That's why that banner is there.


    What you might also not know is that those who were closest to him, the Vexillio community, a bunch of old folks who've been around since Bannedstory Forum times and called Ion a little bitch when he was making the simulator sent a letter and a care package to Sai's family.

    They've sent us a reply, which I thought would be nice for you all to see.


    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you're all well, healthy and safe! This is Sai's older sister, and we just received your package today. We are incredibly touched and moved by your words for him. Thank you all so, so much for being there for him in times we couldn't. One of our concerns was how to reach his online community regarding his passing, as we had previously felt it was his private safe space, and didn't want to intrude, and not having the means to communicate from our end. We are extremely grateful for your efforts in delivering your thoughts and memories of him to us, and are heartened to know how much of a positive impact he left behind.

    I can't thank you enough for your consideration and support. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings for him with us and giving us a chance to also know another part of him through you. You all gave him so much throughout his life, and I'm so glad he had you. His face always changed whenever he talked about his online friends, just that little bit brighter, more relaxed. Granted, his game theories and anything related went right over my head, but I could tell when it came to his artwork, he was proud of the skills he developed and especially of his friends' too. He would throw in his special brand of humor when he spoke about critiquing someone's work, but he was proud whenever he saw improvement, and glad to be able to help and encourage others in their passion. To know he was able to be part of your development in your creative careers is absolutely incredible. Once again, thank you for sharing that with us. It's like having another part of him with us, especially through your artwork.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    We hope for all the best for all of you! Sincerely, Sai's Family
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    I'm really sorry about your brother,I hope you make it
    through the end, I don't know what I would do to myself if somethings happens to my younger brother.:syrup_cry:
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    I'll always give my respect Sai.
    We love you.
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    You were the coldest infarcter of all...

    We walk in the steps of giants
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    I'm quite late, as I haven't popped in to this community for a very long time (probably 10-11 years now). I was never a part of it really and mostly watched from the sidelines. I had followed Sai since I signed up for this forum (and even before, in the forum(s) prior to Maplemation like the BS forum), and he was someone that even years later I continued to follow on Youtube and Tumblr and the like. When he stopped posting I assumed that he had gotten busy with school/work, but it never even crossed my mind that something like this might have happened, I'm only finding out because I was curious after watching some of his old speedpaint videos and deciding to look around.

    While his legacy will always remain and his name will always be remembered as a legendary figure, for the people who were around back then will remember just how far ahead of the curve Sai was in his sprite work. Every time he posted everyone was in awe of how unreal it was.
    Even after his move away from sprite work and move towards more traditional art, the remnants of his shading and color work that stemmed from the limited tools he had with paint and limited

    Rest in peace.

    Is there an archive of the work that he posted here pre-wipe (or an archive of pre-wipe at all)? While his tumblr contains some stuff, his deviantart is deleted and I know there are works that I can no longer find.
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    AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW MAN.... man. I know this is late but I'm tearing up over this... Sai Rest in Peace man :syrup_cry: