Fear Inoculum

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    Not for all cup of tea, but do believe it's an important band.

    They made about 4 Albums, last one in 2006, fans waiting so long for a new one to the point they made memes of being 60 when they finally would release a new album.

    Last week, this caught everyone by shock. It became instantly N1 in trending (3M+ views in a few hours), people could not believe, I could not believe, but there it was, after 13 years, a new song by Tool, Fear Inoculum.

    The band never had affiliations with youtube and spotify, so they had really no media promotions and were never really heard much, but they were known because everyone that felt in love with their music always spread to others, I heard them from my friends, and my friends heard them from me.

    Their albums were always rare because they make very high quality music, high quality, as superb harmony of sounds not removing the soul of rocking and as well, they made very articulated and deep meaningful lyrics. (Vicarious, The Pot, Lateralus, right in Two, etc).

    Now this song has about over 10mins (It's a normal thing in their music, they make the necessary amount of time, they believe it is correct), and it makes you go through a journey everytime you hear it.

    So I leave it here, hopefully someone enjoys as much as I did. As for the lyrics you may find it below.

    [Verse 1]
    Immunity,long overdue
    Contagion,I exhale you
    Naive,I opened up to you
    Venom in mania
    Now, contagion, I exhale you

    The deceiver says, he says
    You belong to me
    You don't wanna breathe the light of the others
    Fear the light, fear the breath
    Fear the others for eternity
    But I hear them now, inhale the clarity
    Hear the venom, the venom in
    What you say inoculated
    Bless this immunity
    Bless this immunity
    Bless this immunity

    Exhale, expel
    Recast my tale
    Weave my allegorical elegy

    [Verse 2]
    Enumerate all that I'm to do
    Calculating steps away from you
    My own mitosis
    Growing through delusion from mania

    Exhale, expel
    Recast my tale
    Weave my allegorical elegy

    Forfeit all control
    You poison, you spectacle
    Exorcise the spectacle
    Exorcise the malady
    Exorcise the disparate
    Poison for eternity
    Purge me and evacuate
    The venom and the fear that binds me

    Unveil now, lift away I see you runnin'
    Deceiver chased away A long time comin'
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    Yo this is pretty sweet man, my buddy recently recommended Tool to me, started me off by showin the MV for stinkfist and gaddamn that shit was intense af. Haven't heard this song up till now but man I think I can def say I'm diggin this band, thanks for sharin!
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