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    Official commission page https://model2pixel.carrd.co/

    Enter the new era with us! Take your creativity to the next level! It’s easy, it’s fun!

    Battle in MBR and get your 3D model from my commission page partly or entirely with MM points! Every point is worth 2 dollar. Don't be shy, talk to me anytime for a price check!

    • If your commission would cost $40
    • You have 20 MM points (= worth $40 dollar)
    • You can either pay your commission for $40 dollar or 20 MM points.

    • Commission will cost $60
    • You have 20 MM points (= worth $40 dollar).
    • You final commission cost will be 20 MM points + the remaining $20.
    See here for pricing references. https://model2pixel.carrd.co/#pricing

    How it works:
    • Please make sure you read this and understand the requirements and limitations prior to an order https://model2pixel.carrd.co/#before
    • Send me the following on discord or email https://model2pixel.carrd.co/#contact
      • Description of the order. E.g. Character with face and hair, and extra control for the hair.
      • References of your character.
      • Preferred rig system (IK / FK / with or without stretch). IK-rig is standard if nothing is specified.
    • I will come back to you with the cost.
    • You determine how you would like to pay.
    • I make it! You get it!
    • Pay and done!
    Get your 3D model today!
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    Holy Jesus, I wield your amazingly 3D models correctly Jaycie, you just created the new era of all animations.
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    Holy crap! I can get my character's model for 35 MBRQ points?! That's freakin' awesome! I need to find some MBRQs to do...
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