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    [ v 1.0 ]

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to Loofan's Repack.

    I'd recently went through an old dying harddrive I had and found a plethora of Maple resources. People say once you put something on the internet that it's there forever, and in micro-niche communities like this one that isn't always neccisarily true. Things you love from the internet can dissapear forever. In this repack I tried to find every sprite I could.

    This repack contains 2500 different images (excluding the Sprite Sheets and Maplestory Rips folder) of various hairs, templates, full sets, emotes, effects & clothing and most should be from around 2010-2015. Pre-Wipe. The goal of the repack is to provide an easy place to download all of these resources and to keep them easily sharable for the future. I don't just want the community to use these assets. I want people to change them, modify them, and expand on all of these already existing creations to make more. See the example resources below:

    [​IMG] Resouce Examples [​IMG]
    Spritesheets has so many people I dont even recognize some [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Downloads [​IMG]

    [MEGA] - /// - [MIRROR]
    [README.txt] - I encourage you to read.
    [RAW FILE DIRECTORY] - Bloated but has filenames

    Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to the MapleMation Community. Everyone I met through here is amazing and I wouldn't have traded it for anything else at the time. I hope the community continues to foster people who want to get more in to art/animation and anything else creative. Lastly, thank you again Hunter for providing a bunch of resources I was missing.

    Thank You For Coming to My TED Talk.

    P.S. If there is anything missing that people are able to provide my DMs are open on Discord (Polyrux). If there is enough to warrant a v1.01 or whatever I will.

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    Seeing old stuff reappear is nice, even from the earlier days when I never knew this was a community. I love looking back in the past and seeing saved historical stuff that isn't lost media.
    Appreciate it a ton!