Maniac vs Dylan

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Who won?

  1. Maniac

  2. Dylan

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  1. Maniac

    Maniac A Maniac

    Aug 20, 2015
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    Some DMs
    -Time limit: 30-60 seconds
    -Theme: 1v1 you can use any sprite if you want
    -Deadline: 2 weeks​

    My Notes: Just like my opponent, I lost motivation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ An absolute half-assed disgrace on my part, vote fairly blah blah blah

    My Animation:

    MBR Profile:

    His Notes: even though I lost motivation and scrapped like 3 animations I still had a lot of fun I wish I could have done better

    His Animation:

    MBR Profile:
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  2. SunGod

    SunGod A Virus

    Aug 20, 2016
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    my vote is going to Baniac
    + his animation had some nice music
    + The fighting in it flowed much better then Ricks animation
    + nice perspective shot at 0:17
    + his pacing in the fight was good with no pointless filler shit
    - when the characters fell down some times they either went slow as dirt or fast as hell (Slow) 0:09 (Fast) 0:14
    - the ending felt very rushed
    - some of the sound clips for the characters sounded pretty good but other times they sound like they came from a Nes
    (even with some of these flaws in the animation it was still enjoyable)

    + The song you used fit the tone of the animation
    - the fighting felt really slow and boring
    - the music in the animation was so loud I couldn't hear any of the sound effects
    - 0:22 wtf
    - your ending in the animation like maniacs felt rushed
    - when Ryu launches the guy in the air at 0:20 its like you pressed the no gravity button
    (all i can say rick is i know you can do much better and i hope your next mbr you won't rush it)
  3. Flicker Fall

    Flicker Fall Flicker-Fall here

    Oct 28, 2016
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    My vote goes to manic.
    his animation felt a lot smoother and was well paced. the camerawork was also pretty good.

    Ricks animation although good, feels awkward, both in pacing and in camera work. In fact, the camerawork was the most jarring thing about the animation, since it was very sudden and unnatural in movement.
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