MBR: Kayas vs Drew

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    This is the debut that will kick off the first season of the new competitive MBR. A 12-minute look into a night of lunacy with a crazed murderer butting heads against the brave Desmond.​

    The full compiled video of my MBR with Drew!
    Special thank you to the following that made this possible:
    @Drew - for being a great opponent
    @quentin galloway - for being a star
    @Dally and @Andrea - for designing the maps in my animation
    @Taki - for the awesome custom design for the murderer and the custom sprites for the thumbnail!
    @Rhys - Taki V2 for the beautiful thumbnails used in both mine and Drew's video as well as the one above this
    @Neil @Hatim @Karasu @Warren @Miles @Shinn - for the feedback, support and encouragement​
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    Somewhere that is Isolated and no civilization
    The murderer: You might be my kindest meal yet.

    Soon as the murderer run toward Desmond.

    Desmond: you're already dead
    (Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru)

    The murderer: What?!
    Get his throat cut in the second then fell on the floor again.
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    This was too sexy. You guys are the truth
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