[MBR] Kim vs. Johano

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Who won?

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  1. Kim

  2. Johano

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  1. SuperKimxD

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    Kim's entry

    Thank you for being such a good sport and letting me make an edgy dramatic MMV with your SS omg. I felt a little awkward making this MMV, but I'm happy with the way it came out and I got to use a song that's been stuck in my head.
    I'm very interested in seeing how this will be judged, as it's, to my knowledge, the first MBR of an MMV vs. a fight scene!
    Kim's MBR profile

    Johano's entry

    - Thanks for allowing me to MBR you Kim <3
    - Stress and Adrenaline don't mix :heavysweating:
    Johano's MBR profile
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  2. MexoKaton/Nova

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    time to give my best of CnC.

    Kim: so yours was a little fast for me, but very fluid. i often saw that some parts were a just switching styles and i found that very creative, one thing i can say is that while i think your video could have been longer you WERE given 24 hrs and i have really no room to judge (it was really the first I've ever seen of kim's work other than what she usually posts

    johano: your's was much more different than Kim's as you had chosen to fight a wooden panda dummy instead of what Kim had done. it took me a while to process what was going on and i think that you were meaning to have that wooden dummy represent Kim rather than you actually fighting her character. the perspective was a nice touch and you got creative for your first MBR within the time limit you were given. HOWEVER, i feel that the movements were either too fast or took a little more than needed be, but i can say without a doubt you did make a difference in this one

    overall vote: i'm sorry johano, but my vote goes to Kim. hers was fluid and, while quick, easy to understand and comprehend. i still think you did amazing and hope that you do even better in your next MBR (since your part of that chain now). but i do think that both contenders put their effort into 24 hours, good job you guys!

  3. Neil

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    Congrats on your win Kim.
    I'll update your profile soon.
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