Miles vs Jun3!

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Who wins this battle?

  1. Miles

  2. Jun3

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  1. Miles

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    Jan 11, 2010
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  2. Kayas

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    Theme, where?
    Time-taken, where?

    Aside from that, voting Miles.
    His talk scenes were always great stuff so no complaints there. His fighting has improved too with less spontaneous tweens and more fluidity and impact. Maybe work on the flow in between attacks since I still felt a brief pause between hits. That last slow-mo punch had Miles moving kind of janky when switching between poses. Better to just rig one pose. Also, the physics were really weird in this animation. The first and last hit had June flying a considerable distance but as soon as he made impact, there should be some deceleration but still move a bit more and not just stop it altogether with a bounce in one spot.

    June's part dragged. You can take out the first 30 seconds and nothing would change. The talk scenes just weren't as engaging as what Miles had shown. With it only panning the camera by a character in one animated pose. The fight, ooh boy. Okay, first off, the camera work wasn't good here either. The animation broke up the flow a lot with long pauses in between hits. Also, this felt very... random? Random in the sense of "random humour hahahahaha!" The way they moved is a bit jerky and lacked fluidity. The length, whilst long, could've been more concise and short? It's like opening a bag of chips and all you find is air. So yeah, if you work on those points, you might be able to do a lot better in your next MBR which I don't doubt. I see potential.

    Uh... I don't know how to awkwardly end this short analysis so... uh... #doubleframe.
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  3. Drew

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    Wherever the wind takes me.
    Miles: BIG step forward from your MBR with Ike, man.
    The premise itself was actually pretty clever. Considering a number of people's characters may use the same clothes as another, it's nice to see someone actually play off that idea. Nice job on the combat too, and thank god you've improved your spin kick, compared to last time. And I'm digging how you always seem to know how to make good use of different hand sprites; it showed in your MBR with Ike, and it showed here, too. When it comes to flaws, I would follow what Kayas said, and also, your sound arrangements in some places could be better. Like, I don't get why you used a Sword-Whip/Whoosh sound for a camera movement (and a short one, at that) at 0:47 and for when he spun the pants around once at 1:38. The rest seemed fine though. But nice job, nonetheless dude, solid improvements.

    Jun3: Your concept/story isn't one to complain about either. Gj using what your opponent IS to your advantage. That aside though, there are a few flaws with your combat scene:
    And while Miles was spinning the spear, the sound quality was really crackly and needs fixing. Make sure you iron those out going forward so you don't hurt your viewer's ears.
    Also, going forward, to fix hand/sword placements like these:
    What you should do is open it up in, highlight a certain section of the hand, hit "Ctrl+C", and then "Ctrl+V" it into Flash. It imports anything you highlight and copy from which is pretty neat.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Another thing that I noticed was that while Miles was shaking for like a second during that part, the sword was stationary. Careful that doesn't happen.
    And then lastly.... why a pizza would be Miles's weakness, and your cue to finish him off is beyond me.
    But overall, nice effort, and I can see a good mount of work went into your animation. But it carried one too many flaws to earn my vote.

    Going with Miles on this one. Keep at it, both of you (y)
  4. Jun3

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    Thanks for the criticism. I'll do better next time. Ggs Miles
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  5. Neil

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    Jan 23, 2012
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    Congrats on your flawless victory, Miles.
    I'll update your profile now.

    I hate Victor.
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