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    Hey guys! We are playing!

    It’s a one time game. No progress will be saved.

    Me, Drew, Collin and Hyde played it and conquered a server. It was great fun!! Join the Maplemation Discord Gaming Voice Channel and play with us :D

    Here is a quick guide how to play!

    Move: W, A, S, D or arrows
    Look: Mouse
    Select building: 1-9 or click on the icon
    Attack / Gather: Click
    Shop: B

    When you come into, you will see this!
    Note: If you got a link from us in Discord, you don’t need to change server.
    P.S.: You might lag depending on which server and where you live.


    When you enter the game, you see this!


    If you play with us, make sure you join our team! Hit the [T] key and find our team name! Ask us on discord what it is!
    Hit the ESC button to close this window. All of us had this problem xD

    Food: Get these from animals!
    • Chicken drops eggs every now and then. Or you can just kill it and it will drop one. Worht 3food!
    • Pigs: Kill it and it drop meat worth 5!
    • Wolves: Wolves will attack you but if you got full HP, you can kill it easily. Worth 7food!
    • Bear: Drop 150 food if you kill it! You can’t 1v1 a bear. See below.
    • Polar bear: It will drop 300 food if you kill it!
    Bears are tricky to kill. You can’t 1v1 it. Trap them with your walls and it won’t be able to attack you! Brown bear needs one space it between to get trapped. Polar bear can be trapped with 2 space between the walls.


    The pig you see I'm riding here is a mount. You can find them randomly or take it after killing a player who has it. There are two mounts in this game, pig and Black wolf.

    Stone and wood are used to build stuff! Hover your mouse over the items in the building inventory and you will see what is required to build them! You get Stone and Wood by hacking on trees and stones. The higher level you are, the more you gather per hack!

    Trees and stone in forest or snowy area.


    Building inventory


    • Access it by hitting the key.
      [*]Containers: Places your resources on the ground. You won’t lose them this way when you die. You can also use this to give your allies resources. NOTE: Enemy can also take them. Beware of traitors! They just want to join you and get your stuff! Or spy on you!
      [*]Black wolf: The fastest mount in the game. Very pricey but useful. NOTE: You lose it when you die. And don’t hit the U key cuz you will Unmount and lose your pet if you let it run away.
      [*]Mannequin: This helps you level up. Make one and start hacking at it. When you get to lvl20 you can 2hit a noob :3 It takes time to level up, but very important to raid people or defend your fortress.
      [*]Ball: Literally a ball. Don’t buy it.

    Building guide:

    Note: If you play with us, you might be able to get resources from us. You can then jump into building immediately.

    Start by getting food and hire mercenaries! Hire it from your building inventory, hot key [7]. You can have up to 3 mercenaries. They do whatever you do. If you attack something, they attack it. They can help you get resources a lot faster! If you kill a bear, you will have enough to hire three at once, which is max.

    Start hacking resources. Your mercenaries will help you! If you have food over, make peasants near resources to help you gather. Get: 200 wood, 200 stones and 100 more food. Preferably more.

    Find a good corner to build your fortress! Build it so it surrounds two resource: Wood and stone. You want them inside your fortress so you can harvest safely.

    Your first goal is to build the following:

      • 5 Towers – Towers give you gold.
      • 5 Beds – Bed/farm gives you food! You need to walk on the food to collect them. You can buy a gardener to collect these for you. Buy it when you got enough gold: hit the key and place it on your crops. Important: Isolate your crops so your gardener won’t get out!
    If you don’t have peasants already, make them! You can’t have more than 2 peasants. Anyone can kill your peasant so make sure you hire new ones.

    Surround your property with walls! Preferable with stone walls. If you need a wall fast, build wood wall. Don’t forget to make doors! Make doors often around your walls so you can leave your fortress in many ways. Only allies can use the doors. You will have to thicken your walls later! Build more layers of wall to surround your property. Thicken the door by building more doors there. DO NOT build a wall outside your door, this will block your way out. By the way, you can use it to block your enemies when you raid them! Tips: If you build your fortress near a corner, you can save a lot of walls.

    The Stone of Life, key [8]. You lose all level and resources when you die! Get one of this and you will revive to this with your level! You still lose your resources tho so careful. THIS ONLY REVIVE YOU ONCE. You need to build one again after you die.

    Get guards outside to guard your fortress!

    By the time you build your fortress, you will get gold from your towers. Get black wolf or start training with your mannequin!

    Happy playing!
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