Searching for an old Maplestory series on Youtube!

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    Hello! I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me find an old Maplestory series that I watched when I was younger on Youtube. I've tried looking for ages but haven't found anything (even on the Wayback Machine). I also looked through Reddit where others were posting about searching for old series, but I still wasn't able to find one that matched what I remember. I was advised by another user to try asking on Maplemation if I didn't get any answers on Reddit, so here I am!

    This series was probably active around 2008-2010 and had at least 10 or more episodes. I think the intro changed about 2 or 3 times as well.

    In terms of the plot, there were these two sisters (the older one was the main character and she had blue hair). The sisters were able to turn into rabbits (I distinctly remember the older sister could turn into a pink one) and were called "halfbreeds". When they weren't rabbits, they had a more human appearance but kept the bunny ears and tail. I think the older sister had a best friend who was also a halfbreed, but I don't remember too much about her. At some point they ended up going to a regular human high school in disguise and the older sister fell in love with one of the human boys there (something they emphasized was not allowed). They also met another pair of halfbreed siblings also in disguise there (I think they were either wolves or cats? There was a sister and a brother and they both had black hair).

    There were a few fights between them all (I remember the sisters got attacked a few times, and I think most of them could use magic too). Eventually they all team up because they find out the dark haired siblings' mom is evil or something? I think the siblings ran away from her when they were young. There was also some "halfbreed lore" and a prophecy, and then the human guy also gets involved with all the halfbreeds. He finds out their secret but tries to help them. At some point it's revealed that the older sister is part of the aforementioned prophecy (by her mom who had red hair) as a huntress of sorts (with a red dress and mask, also with a sword), and has to take this potion to reach her true power to protect everyone? The issue was that she could never go back to the human world and had to leave behind the guy she was in love with. She refused, but I think at some point she accepts it in order to save the guy or her sister and friends? I'm not entirely sure.

    After this, I don't remember too much more. I think some other characters were introduced like a fox and dragon halfbreed, and another character who could see the future? There was basically another plot and group of characters being introduced after the older sister was revealed to be a part of the prophecy, but I vaguely remember it.

    If anyone remembers the name of the series, I would be eternally grateful because these Maplestory series were a big part of my childhood and I have been going insane trying to find this one in particular.