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Sorry for the delay, had to re render to fix some audio issues
Theme : "hmm lets create each other's characters?"
Time limit: 24h

Oh you responsible for my endless orgasms's Sprite:
Oh you responsible for my endless orgasms's Note: This isn't over yet...
Oh you responsible for my endless orgasms's MBR profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/my-m...f-slippery-floors-near-female-entities.30349/
Happyface's Sprite:
Happyface's Notes:
Happyface's Profile: http://maplemation.com/threads/lewis-sprite-profile.28237/
Welcome Karasu to the staff team.
He has been a great help with MBRQ's, now he will be able to do it without the help of other moderators.
The negative behavior and drama in this community reached a point where radical measurements must be taken.
That's why a list of the usual culprits was created.
Those involved should know who they are.
Members in this list will be banned from the forum unconditionally, permanently, for the slightest offences.
By that i mean even the slightest, tiniest of all offences.
No mercy will be shown. No excuses will be allowed. No chance of coming back.
The list will not be made public to anyone.

I started with kazuma to set an example. His name was the only one given 3 times during the creation of the list, for reasons we are all aware of.

Please, be friendly to each other. In the end we are one community. We are supposed to love and respect each other, for the sake of continuing what we love to do and see.
Show me how you can be a good and independent community and i can promise you we will reach bigger things than anyone imagined.

Thank you for your time.

Last year, I gave a way a few samples of my sound library for all members to use in their animations. This year, I shall do the same :)

I have been expanding my sound library for years (over 12,000 different sound effects currently, including some of my own custom ones), but in this package, you'll find about 42 of some of my favorite ones that I tend to use in animations and action films.

Download includes:
- 12 gun sounds (some of my custom ones included)
- 17 hand combat sounds (customs included)
- 7 different explosions
- 5 swish/whoosh files with multiple varied effects per .wav
- my public sprite sheet 2.0

By downloading this package, you agree to fair use with regard to my SS. See the text file inside.
Feel free to use the sound effects at your convenience. Credit is not necessary, but appreciated! Thanks, and happy holidays! :)

Started with this

After 20 edits it became this:

We were supposed to do something small and fun for our first, but we fucked up and made it huge and epic.
We are truly sorry and hope you can still enjoy it.

Hello everyone!

For those who've been around since the platform switch, we had a streaming section a while back, but it was taken down since not many people were using it (or even noticed it for that matter), in addition to direct streaming taking up a lot of the site's bandwidth.

However, due to relatively popular demand and suggestions from several members, the streaming section has returned! And it's more efficient than ever!

Sample Preview:

HUGE thanks to @LeoV for his hard work on this feature.
Be sure to send him a box of cookies before signing up :) You can send croissants too, but don't let Aquila find out >:D

How to sign up:
  • Post below if you're interested, followed by your Twitch username (a link to your profile/channel would be nice too).
  • Boom. Done.

Feel free to leave any other questions, comments, or concerns. Enjoy!

This article (provided by Tezzeret) goes in depth about the highly-anticipated thrilling League of Legends update that Riot is bringing the table (which is bound to please you LoL players out there! ;))

How Blizzard plans on restoring old classics such as Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 to its former glistening glory for gamers of this modern age to enjoy. And by modern age, I mean modern computers.

And the current status with EA's policy on the early access version of the galactic-themed shooter, Star Wars Battlefront!

What wonderful features will the LoL update bring to the game?? How does Blizzard plan on rising these phoenixes from their ashes? And what has EA done to Battlefront????

If you've got 3 minutes, this article will tell you all.

Hi everyone, thank you all for your applications. Congratulations to @Dally and @iSmokeToast as our new moderators. Shower them with love, or whatever!
Hi everyone. We're currently looking for a new Moderator to generally help out with things around the forum. Responsibilities include general forum moderation, MBR management, community outlook, etc etc. Please be advised we are looking for active, mature members. If you see yourself as someone who can get busy very quickly and leave, please do not apply.

If you are interested, please fill out the following form and send it to me in a private message.
Do not message it to me on Skype, or on this thread.

Times you are most active:

1. What makes you qualified for this role?

2. Why are you interested in this role?

3. What skills do you have that you feel can help the forum?

4. Do you have any experience moderating forums in the past?

5. Anything else you would like to add. 

If you are considered, we will contact you. Please be aware that we may hire more than one applicant, or we may hire none at all. Do not be afraid of writing too much, more is always better. Please be mature when submitting an application, joke applications will be deleted and warned.