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    Ajah No Kensai! (Ajah the Sword Saint!)

    (Volume 1's Cover Art!)

    This will be the story of our main man Ajah (pronounced "Ahh"-"Juh") during his journey as an Apprentice Sword Saint. We will see his motives to become a sword saint and what drives him to push persevere through his career.

    A little insight on what a Sword Saint is (in this comic anwyays...): As a Sword Saint he belongs to a temple which specifies in an element... (I won't reveal his element yet ;D) and when one truly masters his element, he is tested to become a sword saint. Sounds simple? Just wait!

    (Want some info on Ajah? Open the spoiler!!)
    Ajah is a 15 year old child born on May 2nd. As an apprentice it's important he's in his youth. His stats are also listed, and his fighting style and awakening are also hidden to avoid story spoilers ;)