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    Hello everyone!

    On the interwebs I go by Altair but IRL my name's Steven. If my birth date isn't specific enough, I'm 20 years old. When I was younger I was into watching various Maplemations and even Maple Series, to the point where I grew interested in attempting to animate as well. However, many years later leading to the present day, I never really pursued that interest as it felt daunting, despite really wanting to make a Maple Series as something I do on my down time.

    At the moment, while still intimidated by the animation scene, The Maple Series and Maplemations have inspired me so much to the point where I am now hoping to dive in and attempt to make some Maplemations/Maple Series. While I will be no where close to making professional animations, and am very much a newb, I am hoping that one day I'll be good enough to go back and actually be proud of whatever I make.

    Thanks for having me! :)
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    Free Candy Truck
    you joined the maple syrup warship clan
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