-An Aspiring Animator Appears!-

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    Nov 16, 2020
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    Heyo everyone, I'm Kntranced but I also go by Kito or A.M. and I'm a newbie to ever-popular realm of sprite animations! I've always been a fan of Crazy 2d fight scenes, whether it be acting them out in fighting games like BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth, or Guilty Gear or watching various series and animation teams behind them to produce some of the best online content for almost a decade now! I too want to be apart of that community and I recently was able to get a version of flash 8 for my laptop, it's been pretty fun, difficult, but satisfying to getting adjusted to the software and I've already made a few 2-3 second animations to learn the basics!

    I'm hoping that I can a lot of people here who can mentor me into doing using advanced tools such as nested tweens, learn more about timing, impact, fluidity, in hopes of one day being able to join the ranks of some of the internet's best sprite animators and I hope we'll be able to see that goal through together! Until that day comes, this is Kntranced signing out and thank you so much for reading my intro! :3

    Discord: A.M.#5690