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who should be the main protagonist for my upcoming comic story? (see the page about it for details)

  1. protagonist A

  2. protagonist B

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    this here is a comic series i plan on working on very soon. the story will a 'choose the path' kind of comic, as i want to make this different than other comics out on maplemation.

    a poll below will ask who the protagonist of the story should be, these are their stories that they will follow

    Protagonist A:
    protag A's story will be driven around revenge, wealth, fame, the road to madness, and dominance over gods

    Protagonist B:
    protag B's story is about regaining lost memories, helping those in need, fighting to find out the truth, and stop a powerful evil from destroying the maple world

    just know that no matter what story you pick it will A: lead into maplemation household (somehow) B: the two protag's will fight to the death C: tie into mellenia's(the first arrival at the maplemation household) past D: feel as if your playing a game (you'll see once i start the comic)

    also. just know this

    protag A wants revenge but no one knows what they want revenge for and who they want revenge on
    protag B wants answers. and will do whatever it takes to get them

    both are neither good or bad, rather it's up to the readers interpretation about them

    anyways. that's all for now. make sure to vote on the poll who you want to be the main character of the story.​