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    you can use the button next to the smiley face to insert images, just drop the direct image link into the specified area and then press insert and boom.


    As for the clothes the shading is barely visible, the only way people can see much is via how much you zoomed in, you should post the sprites at 100% zoom so the raw image, try to get more contrast into your colors and sprite the clothes onto the regular stand1_0 pose. should be a lot easier for you to practice and get better, which i hope you do.

    Edit: i didn't notice the mask, shading is again very very low in contrast. and try to use a dark color that isn't black when its not an outline. the colors within, Inlines included should be a different color other then black, but colored inlines depend on your style. it is preferred tho because you can make things look a lot cleaner.

    I hope this helps you in the near future
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